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Money Saving Beauty Tips

So, we all know the scenario there is always too much month at the end of our money however it still pays off to look after yourself and your appearance. Here are a couple of cost saving tips which may help stretch your money a little more than normal.

  • Hair conditioners can be used as shaving cream. Apply a generous amount of the conditioner under the arms, on the legs and bikini line or face for the men and then proceed to shave as normally, make sure your skin is softened beforehand to prevent cuts!
  • Vaseline or petroleum jelly is normally used to soften dry areas, such as lips, knees, heels etc. It can be used to smooth and tame the brow during makeup application and is used by some makeup artists to tame bushy brows!
  • Another great inexpensive facial cleanser is bio-oil to clear makeup off before going to bed. Just apply the oil to your skin and rinse off with a cleanser sponge or face cloth.
  • Inexpensive baby moisturiser can be used as an all round moisture for adults. In a way, you get baby soft skin. The moisturers are generally hypo-allergenic and suitable for all skins.

Do you have any cost saving tips to share? Tried any of the above? Let me know!



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