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Caroline Woziacki Imitates Serena Williams

Hiya Poutlings!

Today, in things that one should not do when playing a live televised tennis match: stuff your front and back to appear that you have big boobs and a big backside.

After doing this, the Danish tennis player Caroline Woziacki has been accused of racism after she did this on the court the day before yesterday, apparently mimicking her fellow women’s player tennis Serena Williams. Caroline Wozniacki was playing a game in Sao Paolo, Brazil against Anna Kournikova. She played for a minute or two dressed like that and the audience went ballistic cheering before she pulled the towels out. You can watch the video of this

Some people see this as just a goofy joke, especially since Caroline and Serena are supposedly friends – how good of friends, who knows, who cares, whatever.

Jay Busbee from Yahoo Sports put it perfectly :

“This is an era where no jokes goes unscrutinized, and no humour apparently exists without sinister subtext … An apology may be forthcoming, but it shouldn’t be.”

Others are saying it was a racist imitation because it was highlighting the extreme sexualization of women of colour’s bodies.

Now, unfortunately, we live in a world where something can be racist regardless of the person’s intent – this chick may be friends with Selena Williams and may not have intended to do something racist. But that doesn’t mean what she did was not racist. On the other hand, my inital reaction to Caroline Wozniacki’s behaviour was that it was first and foremost unprofessional. She’s in the middle of playing a tennis match, for !#@% sakes. Then, when I read she was imitating Serena Williams, my next thought that mocking the size of her boobs and backside was a bit cruel on live television…

I am all for good natured rivalry among friends, making fun of someone’s sexualized body parts during a televised match is a bit much.

Once I read upon the controversy, I never thought the act was “racist”, however, the “sinister subtext” that Jay Busbee referred to – was not obvious to me at first glance. I would also imagine that people defending Caroline’s actions are saying its not a big deal.


Ultimately, however, I feel it’s not my final call as a white women to decide whether or not this is racist. Stupid – yes. Racist – up for debate. It’s a time to listen what people who are directly affected are saying : if people of colour are saying this mimicry was racist and problematic then we should listen.

…do you have any thoughts on this?



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#ImDreamingOf … Illamasqua… or NOT.


British beauty brand Illamasqua, which I love by the way, but not right now, offers this week’s racist blunder :  the above advert, featuring the holiday themed hashtag #ImDreamingOf, the slogan I’M NOT DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS, and the slogan’s implication… a person in blackface. Presumably, this was not looked over by anyone before landing on Facebook.

The image sparked an immediate outcray in the comment thread and the post has been subsequently removed. If you visit their Facebook page now, you’ll see neither the image nor an apology.

Since this is a post on blackface, I’d like to preemtively welcome the 2-5% of new commenters who happen to appear out of the woodwork everytime we post something racist and insist that the offending this is, in fact, not racist, and we (Pout Perfection, feminists, women, South African’s, housewives, everywhere) do not condone this advert.

When will everyone everywhere finally catch on to the fact that blackface is never, under any circumstances, a good idea.



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Controversial Cartoons with Subliminal Messages

Hello again Pouters!

Gotta love the folks at Disney and / or Hollywood… they’re very naughty indeed! Sexual, racist or sexist refrences in cartoons? *Gasps!* NEVER!


I bet you never noticed these before…

Sex in the Lion KingUh Simba… what was it the kings of the past wanted you to know??

The Little Mermaid’s Original VHS cover with a Ding DongApparently there was a massive lawsuit about this one…

The Bishop (In The Little Mermaid) marrying Ariel and her boyfriend has a boner…

Donald Duck’s racist slur to Daffy Duck…

Jessica Rabbit shows off her Va-Jay-JayIn a random shot, it appears Miss Rabbit shows off her garden

Mr Krabs asks if there’s any “Porn in this store” on Spongebob Squarepants

 Alladin says something to the tiger, then says “Good teenagers take off their clothes”, I can’t hear it but whatever…

And then just a couple funny ones I found on YouTube…

Gotta LOVE the internet! HAHA!!

Have a fab Tuesday lovely Pouters!

Peace and Love xoxox


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