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Win With Ralo Cosmetics! {Competition Closed}

The lovely darlings over at Ralo Cosmetics have given us a few goodies to give away. Yesterday we featured the products on a small review, which you can see here.

So if you would like to get your hands on 3 gorgeous nail polishes…and 3 gorgeous lipsticks…AND 3 gorgeous lip glosses


Full hamper details –

  1. Ralo Professional Nail Polish Code 94 in Orange Crush
  2. Ralo Professional Nail Polish Code 93 in Strawberry
  3. Ralo Professional Nail Polish Code 92 in Sugar Pink
  4. Ralo Diam Lipstick Code 60 Diam Sunset Boulevard
  5. Ralo Diam Lipstick Code 62 in Peppermint Pink
  6. Ralo Diam Lipstick Code 64 in Vixen
  7. Ralo Lip Gloss Code 20 in Dusty Pink
  8. Ralo Lip Gloss Code 18 in Cocktail Burst
  9. Ralo Lip Gloss Code 17 in Pink Paradise

Follow these three easy steps!

1. Like Ralo Cosmetics on Facebook (if you don’t do so already!).

2. Like Pout Perfection on Facebook (if you don’t do so already!).

3. Fill in the contact form (if it does not appear that means that the competition is closed.

Competition Rules

1. Competition is only open to residents of South Africa.

2. The competition closes on Friday 28 February at 10am and the winners will be notified via email to get full details for postage of their prize and  then will be announced via blog post later that day.

Good luck and remember the entries closes on Friday 28 February. We will announce the winners once chosen.

UPDATE 28/02/2014 11:00AM – The competition is now closed. A winner will be selected shortly.


competition winner has been chosen and notified via email



Pout Out xoxo

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R is for Ralo

Ralo Cosmetics kindly sent me some goodies to review, now I have already reviewed one of their nail polishes here.

Ralo Cosmetics is great for anyone that is looking to explore and play with makeup without having pay high store prices. The quality, as I’ve said before rivals lots of drugstore type brands. Ralo Nail Polish

This time, they sent me their Rich Metallic Finish, Professional Nail Polish. The bottles seem slightly more sturdy than the previous one I used and the brushes are extremely fat so its easy to paint your whole finger in one stroke which can sometimes be problematic on your smaller width nails but I coped, I’m sure you would too as it just takes some manoeuvring the brush to get it 100% right, the colour is highly pigmented and you can probably get away with one coat depending on how well you paint the first time, I had to use 2 coats and this time I used a top coat as there is a metallic finish to this colour, unlike previously when it was a matte pink. The nail polishes retail for R39.50 and you can find these online or get them in store. Ralo Lip Gloss

I was also spoilt with some mega shine lip gloss – now the packaging on these is quite deceiving, it looks really cheap and nasty but the lip gloss lasts for ages and leaves a nice tinted shine to the lips for ages.My favourite go-to shade would be shade 20 in Dusty Pink.  These retail fro R29.50 and you can buy these online or in store. Ralo Lipstick

Lastly, they sent me some lovely lipsticks. These lipsticks are called Diam and its easy to see by the adorable packaging! Elegant diamantes make them look ever so glamorous when you whip them out of your handbag for a quick touch up. My favourite shade so far (I haven’t had much time to wear these as I’ve been quite ill lately) has to be Code 60 – Sunset Boulevard which is an awesome cherry red that leaves your lips with a lovely matte finish. They do run slightly, so its important to line your lips with a pencil to avoid them from spreading to your face! These beauties retail for R44.50 and are also available online or in store.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review purposes and have in no way affected my view of these products.

x flea143

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Perfect Pink Manicure

A few weeks ago I was given some Ralo products to try out and to share my experiences with you. Prior to learning about Ralo Cosmetics from the lovely Simone and Shajar, I was a bit in the dark with regards to who they are and what they offer.

The brand is cheaper than most larger cosmetic competitors, and it easily rivals some of the more drugstore-type brands. Don’t let the packaging deceive you as the products work as they say they will; not to mention the staff are super helpful and friendly (unlike some major cosmetic brands!) which all in all means that they are not a bad stop for anyone that is possibly not sure of what they want or is on a tight budget.

The nail polish I’m wearing is Ralo Professional Nail Polish in 75 and retails for R39.50. It’s a matte-metallic pink. You can browse all the colours in this range here.Ralo

The bottle is plain, nothing fancy my only complaint was that the brush itself is quite short and unfortunately my brushs brissles were bent and sadly there is no name but just a number.

The polish itself is highly pigmented and with one coat my nail was completely covered, I did however put a second coat on top just because I’m OCD like that 😉

It took 4 days for my polish to start chipping, which in retrospect is not bad but it is certainly not along the likes of the higher salon brands where I can get two weeks wear before a chip – but then again in price Ralo beats them hands down.

You can find a Ralo Cosmetics in a major shopping centre near you or you can shop online to view their entire product range and offering.

You follow them on Twitter @RaloCosmetics and like them on Facebook too.

Disclaimer – This product was given to me for review purposes. This has in no way altered my view of these products.

x flea143


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5 Minutes With Shajar Khan – Miss International SA 2013

I was lucky enough to get to interview the equally classy and fabulous Shajar Khan – Miss International SA 2013.

Hi Shajar, for those of you that don’t know you, could you give me a brief introduction of whom you are and where you’re from?

  • I am 22 years of age and the current Miss International South Africa 2013; I have represented South Africa at the Miss International 2013 pageant, which took place in Chicago, 23 – 27 July 2013. I am from the city of Gold, Johannesburg and I am a student at the University of Johannesburg where I completed psychology in 2012, and I am currently completing a Human Resource Management degree. Presently I am employed at Media 24 – On the Dot, and I am the Co-Owner and Founder of Paper Dolls – Modeling and Finishing School. In addition to being a succesful business owener, I am a model, TV presenter and celebrity writer for ZAlebs. I am also a proud ambassador of help2read, Khayalitsha Cookies, and Ralo Cosmetics.

What prompted you to get involved with pageants and was being Miss International SA one of your goals?

  • I started modelling at the age of 13, and developed a passion for pageantry; it has always been a goal of mine to represent South Africa on an international level. My first title – which was the Miss India Gauteng 2011, allowed me to represent Gauteng at the Miss India South Africa 2011, where I placed in the top 5 and was crowned The Avant Garde Face/Most Beautiful Face of Miss India SA 2011. In 2012 I was crowned Miss Impressions and went on to be an ambassador for impressions magazine, I then competed in the Miss India SA International 2012 and was crowned poise model of the year. Upon entering Miss International South Africa 2013, I sought to be an ambassador, someone who can make a difference in the world, and more importantly our country.

How do you think wearing the crown has impacted your life?

  • My Swarovski crystal crown that I left Chicago with, reassured me that an International woman knows that no amount of diamonds defines her, you have to see past the sparkles and into her heart. I believe the title itself has impacted my life, not only is it an honour, I am able to uplift many young girls around me, and set an example for them. The title has given me an opportunity to promote my platform on a larger scale and be heard.

What advice could you give to anyone that wishes to explore the pageant world?

  • Pageantry teaches the same values that any sport does, the only difference is that we do it in heels 🙂 , I would recommend it to any young aspiring girl. Being the co-owner of Paper Dolls: which is modelling and finishing School, we train students on pageantry, self confidence, life coaching, modelling and deportment, I can say without a doubt that pageantry helps build confidence, adds value to one’s life, and teaches girls about having beauty with a purpose.

With regards to your personal project, who are you raising awareness and funds for and why is to so close to your heart?

  • My platform is to create public awareness of illiteracy among underprivileged and orphaned youth, and the impact thereof on themselves and the community. My platform embodies “pro-literacy”.

I’m passionate about youth development and education. I love working with organizations which promote literacy among young children and teens. I intend on starting my NGO in order to continue and uplift underprivileged homes and townships to raise funds for books, and educational material. As well as ensuring distribution of books in local schools, and in communities across the country.

What attracted you to becoming the brand ambassador for Ralo Cosmetics and what does your role involve?

  • I am a lover of fashion and makeup. When I was approached by the owner of Ralo Cosmetics, and asked to become an ambassador, I took on the opportunity. I know that a brand ambassador is meant to embody the brand in appearance, demeanour, values and ethics. I felt that this would be perfect for me, as I use Ralo cosmetics on a daily basis, and it describes my personal style, from there bright colours to the variety of accessories, it matched the image that I like to uphold.
  • As any brand ambassador would say, being an ambassador for a brand is about marketing that brand to the best of your ability. Being someone that many young girls look up to, having the right image is important. I love sharing make up tips and ideas, I am a qualified makeup artist, and I always use Ralo on my clients, I highly recommend the cosmetics as it is affordable and have great quality.

For a new Ralo Cosmetics customer, what product do you recommend to get ‘hooked’ on the brand?

  • Ralo has such a wide range of products it is so difficult to choose just one product, however, the magic lipstick is my favourite product, it’s subtle and yet it still makes all the difference. I gym, straight after work and replying a bright colour lipstick isn’t the best thing to do before a gym session, the magic lipstick, moisturises my lips and stays on throughout my workout, the best part is that when it is applied it changes colour to suit your skin tone.


Do you have any beauty tips or tricks that you would like to share with our readers?

  • Most definitely, this might sound cliché however every young lady and women  should invest in a good skincare range, and remember to keep hydrated by drinking lots of water.

If you had to choose one: good hair day and no makeup or bad hair day and perfect makeup?

  • This seems like choosing between the lesser evil, lol! I would choose a bad hair day and perfect make up. I think hair can always be passed as a “messy look” or it can be pulled off to make it seem as if you are trying to do something different. People interact with you on constant basis and face to face interaction happens every day so having perfect makeup and a flawless face, always gives a good impression and gives you confidence.

What summer trends are you most looking forward to wearing – be it hair, makeup, fashion etc.?

  • I hardly follow fashion trends, as it always fades, having a unique style I love keeping my image “classy and fabulous” this summer, shorts are making a comeback, orange is the new black. Pastel colours paired with printed tops and skirts.

Thank you so much for taking the time to communicate with me Shajar. You are truly a role model and inspiration for women everywhere.

We are behind you all the way! All the best with the rest of your reign as Miss International SA, I am sure you will continue to make a difference!

Follow Shajar on Twitter here!

x flea143

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Ever so Inspiring Simoné Meyer – Miss Teen International SA

Simone Meyer - Miss Teen SA 01

Here is what Simoné Meyer, Miss Teen International SA, had to say and share with us in her own words….

My journey so far has been very eye opening, working in cooperation with the JAG foundation at their project called BullyProof. Since that is my platform to stand against bullying as I was bullied when I was in grade 6 all the way through until matric. I’ve become an ambassador for them since it’s better to work together than putting up a lot of different organizations that has no effect. Working with the JAG Foundation we are trying to incorporate a system in primary schools that will teach the children to stand up for themselves without it resulting in to violence.

The JAG BullyProof Foundation is trying to start at primary schools to develop the skills to stand up against bullying. Also trying to find why the bully is bullying other children. As a bully is also nothing less than a victim himself, he as well has somewhere to go when he wants to speak. So instead of punishing the bully we encourage the teachers and parents to go and look why he is acting in that way and try to help them, instead of making them more angry by punishment.

Simone Meyer - Miss Teen SA 05

The Foundation also have a slogan that says “Don’t Stand By, Stand Up” Even a bystander is a victim or an encourager. If you watch and then do nothing about it as well as taking the bully’s side and laughing you are just as good as a bully. If the victim is too scared to go and talk to someone you should help them and try to convince them to go talk to a adult they can trust.Simone Meyer - Miss Teen SA 03

This is just a nutshell of what the JAG BullyProof Foundation is doing. They have a free manual that is downloadable since bullying is a epidemic that people too easily pass by as ‘growing up’ . Being their ambassador and teaching children not to tolerate bullying has made me a better person. We need to start standing up and stop standing by.

I’ve became an ambassador for Ralo Cosmetics because I believe in publicity. They can help me to advertise and promote my cause in return for me promoting their products – carrying their name as high as I possibly can. Ralo also has a wide range of cosmetics for any girl/woman’s needs. It’s market is wide and helping them opening more doors for them, making their horizon as wide as possible is also a task that made me become an ambassador for Ralo Cosmetics.

Simone Meyer

Miss Teen International South Africa

Your inner beauty cannot bulliedSimone Meyer - Miss Teen SA 06Simone Meyer - Miss Teen SA 02

Thank you very much Simoné, for your time in responding to my questions and we will continue to watch your journey wishing you every success and more along the way. The world can learn a lot from determination as strong as yours! Never lose that. All the best with the rest of your journey and keep reaching for the stars!

Follow Simone on Facebook

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