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Fragrance review ~ Parisienne YSL

Hello lovely poutlings.


I hope you’re all having a wonderful V-day ♥, or even if you’re not celebrating it, just have a wonderful day.


I just quickly want to pop in tell you about…


Parisienne from Yves Saint Laurent

This product retails at R820 for 90ml (yes there are smaller sizes too)


Why do I love this product? Not only is the bottle a beautiful pink crystal, but it smells absolutely divine. The Damask rose  with red berries, surrounded by sandalwood andVetiver is a totally sensual fragrance.

You can smell the roses right from the beginning and then the fragrance mellows out and becomes all soft and elegant on your skin.


I do recommend this for the ladies that really want that extra special fragrance on their shelf that they use for special occasions. Remember ladies, any occasion can be a special occasion.


Have a pouty perfect day!

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Product review ~ introducing Guerlain fragrances

Hello my pretty poutlings.

Hope you are all winding down for the festive season. Today I’m writing to from the wonderful Lowveld.


Today I will introduce you to 3 Guerlain fragrances received in my November Rubybox.


Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Flora Nymphea

This fragrance sells for R795 for 60ml

The fragrance was created in cooperation with perfumer Thierry Wasser and it  was released to the market in 2010. Nymphea  is a  wonderful fragrance containing Syringa, African orange flower and white honey.

This a lovely sweet simple summery fragrance which I totally enjoyed using. If your young and full of spirit or need a quick “pick me up” this is great for you.


Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial

This fragrance sells for R565 for 75ml

This fragrance has a scent of desires, joy and sensuality. Top notes of Bergamot, orange and woody notes, flowers and oriental scents fill the air and is absolutely divine. It also has some notes of jasmine, patchouli and rose.

This fragrance is a little more for the mature or elegant ladies but it’s still a wonderful fragrance and would be great gift for someone.

Guerlain Idylle

This fragrance sells for R990 for 50ml

Released September 2011. Out of the 3 fragrances, this was definitely my favourite one (and I just love the elegant shape of the bottle too). Top notes of rose and lychee fill your nose and mellows out towards middle notes of Jasmine and Peach.


I absolutely loved this fragrance and do recommend you buy it, for all the ladies and girls in your life. haha!


So go ahead poutlings, pick your favourite and get it! You owe it to yourself!



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Chanel Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

Hello again darling pouting beauties…

Hope you all had a fab weekend and relaxed in the lovely summer sun? Or for those who don’t live in sunny South Africa, we hope you had a fab weekend nontheless?

Anyway, I’m here to tell you about something I found over the weekend and that’s Chanel’s beautiful Spring 2012 Makeup collection that’s filled with gorgeous rosy, coral and peach colours.

Blush Horizon de Chanel / Glowing Blush Harmony

“In one elegant compact, five pink and peach tones mimic the luminous hues of sunset. This unique powder blush lends itself to multiple effects: blended together, the harmony is ideal for sculpting and accentuating the natural contours of the face. Using just the pink shades creates a fresh, youthful flush, while on their own, the peach tones produce a warm, sun-bronzed glow.”

Rouge Coco Baume / Hydrating Conditioning Lip Balm

This moisture-rich lip balm combines ultra-conditioning benefits with a sumptuous, high-gloss finish. ROUGE COCO BAUME Hydrating Conditioning Lip Balm boasts an advanced Hydratendre Complex, which hydrates and softens lips, for a healthier and fuller appearance. Its sheer, lustrous texture glides on smoothly, leaving lips beautifully aglow.”

Poudre Universelle Compact / Natural Finish Pressed Powder

  • Jasmine Luminous beige

Les 4 Ombres / Quadra Eyeshadow

  • Eclosion Peach, gold, beige, plum

Stylo Yeux Waterproof / Long Lasting Eyeliner

  • Garnet Garnet

Ombre Essentielle / Soft Touch Eyeshadow

  • Rose de Mai Pink
  • Tigerlily Golden Orange

Rouge Coco / Hydrating Creme Lip Colour

  • Superstition Golden beige
  • Paradis Pink coral
  • Charme Pink
  • Destinee Plum

Rouge Coco Shine / Hydrating Sheer Lipshine

  • Candeur Pastel pink
  • Flirt Soft coral

Levres Scintillantes / Glossimer

  • Petillant Golden beige
  • Bonbon Soft pink
  • Bagatelle Pink

Le Crayon Levres / Precision Lip Definer

  • Rose Corail Pink coral
  • Bois de Rose Rosewood

So Pouters, give it a try and let us know how you feel about it?

Peace and love xoxox



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