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Halloween Weekend: Epicness!

Hello fabulous Pouters;

So, how was your weekend? Mine was nothing short of epic. Although, I’m sure if the Sharks had won the rugby it would have just been THAT much better. Anyway, I’m not here to talk about rugby, although I have to show you how cool I looked in my Springbok jersey:

I didn’t have a Sharks shirt and I sure as hell didn’t want to wear a Lion’s jersey, despite various attempts by my boyfriend Ryan. So yes, well done to the Lions. Well done. And to Josh Strauss for looking so sexy without his beard. WOW, nice one…

So, anyway, like I was saying, I’m not here to talk about rugby, so I’ll just get on with it.

When the rugby was over, I went home, had a shower and the fun began. My kind of fun. Dressing up for Halloween kind of fun! Wanna know what I looked like…?

YAY!! Too much sexy hey? hahaha! Not quite, but I reckon my Silent Hill nurse outfit was totally epic. So, how did I do it?

Step 1: Buy a “sexy nurse” outfit from Oriental City in Bruma lake. Mine was too small, but it was the only one I could get, so I bought it anyway and decided to wear one of my black dresses underneith it.

Step 2: Dye your hat, bandage and dress in coffee or tea. This gives the outfit that old and tattered look.

Step 3: Mess your outfit with lots of fabric paint.

Step 4: Get dressed and paint your face and arms and legs with face paint (can also get that at Oriental city) and pin everything together.

Step 5: Look scary and have fun!

SO how did you look this Halloween? Send us a photo to poutperfection@gmail.com!

Happy Halloween!

MarindaLiza ♥

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