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NYFW : Norisol Ferrari Runway Show

Hiya Poutlings!

As I mentioned in my post about the Sheri Hill runway show, I am trying to keep updated with all the news from New York Fashion Week, but there is just an overload of amazing designers, models, and trends that I am struggling to keep ahead of it all. I will try and keep you updated with the most interesting stories, in my opinion of course 😉

For the past five days there has been nothing but familiar teenage faces pouting their way down the runway, show after show. So it’s refreshing to see a designer really kick the trend in the teeth and do something completely different. Possibly cast women that may just *gasp* around the same age as their respective target market. NORISOL FERRARI did just that at her show on Monday morning. Norisol Ferrari sent icons like Carol Alt, Alva Chinn and Carmen Dell’Orefice, who is 81 years young, down the catwalk amidst some of the fresher faces.

Alva Chinn – 57 Years Old

Carmen Dell Orefice – 81 Years Old

Carol Alt – 51 years old

The iconic faces were a huge hit amongst the crowd, especially since they didn’t just do the old walk-turn-repeat favoured by most of the designers these days. Alva Chinn for the most part, shashayed leisurely down the runway, stopping to strike a seductive pose or two along the way. Carmen Dell’Orefice also interrupted her walk to elegantly mug for the cameras, creating lots of applause amongst the audience.

It was a lot of enthusiam coming from the audience, which I would imagine are mostly Upper-East-Types (simply because I have watched Gossip Girl, hahaha) but then, these were definitely clothes for the confident, mature and above all sophisticated women. There was a definite femme fatale vibe to this collection, which included seaside separates paired with oversized hats, trim, neutral pieces and sweeping evening gowns, while I am not sure I have the attitude to pull off the saucer-sized chapeaux, I have no doubt Carmen Dell’Orefice and crew would put today’s street styles to shame under of those hats.

I certainly take my hat off to these ladies to remind the younger generation that this is certainly elegance in its finest form.



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Extravagant Dresses

Hey Pouters!

I love dresses, yet I only own  a few! ! Here are some of my favourite “extravagant” dresses I’ve come across in the past few weeks, some are wedding dresses, others are party dresses, some are designers creations, I LOVE THEM ALL. I WANT THEM ALL!! I love but I know I will never have an occassion or even a budget to own one… but I can stare at them all I want. I look at these and shout out GET IN MY CLOSET!

 Do you want to stare with me?

Have a look at some of my favourites!!

a girl can dream, right?



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Chocolate Will Never Go Out of Fashion…

Hi Pouters!

The Salon du Chocolat, an annual show that allows chocolate-makers to show off how sweet they really are, hit Zurich on Friday, and part of the show included models dressed in chocolate clothing.

Sometimes I think that the only reason that I never wanted to model is that I wouldn’t be able to be in a show like this without eating the clothes.



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