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Sexiest Celebrity Pouts

Since this is Pout Perfection and we are having the pouting contest on Facebook at the moment, I thought it would be great to pay tribute to the best (and worst) pouts that Hollywood has spawned for us.

Sometimes plastic surgery plays a massive part in either making or breaking the way you look with your lips, but for the most part, I’d say stay away from the Collagen Needle, because no matter how good that doctor is, you end up looking more like Daffy Duck than Dita von Teese!

Beautiful Female Pouts:

Gorgeous Male Pouts:

And the ugliest Celeb Pouts! (Drumroll please):

Lisa Rinna, the girl who played Billy in Days of Our Lives used to be stunner… my how Collagen stuffed that up…

Is it just me or does it look like Sylvester Stallone has something under his nose?

Apparently Sandra Bernhard is a singer, actress and author in America. That mouth is not pretty.

Lindsay Lohan… did you just call your sister ugly and she put a spell on you? Believe it or not Pouters, Ali Lohan looks even worse…

Lyle Lovett, not sure who he is, but he must be the uglies man I’ve ever seen!

Jocelyn Wilderstein is apparently some billionaire’s wife and she’s spent all his money to make herself look like a cat. Purrtrified anyone?

Jessica Simpson and Heidi Montag are excellent examples of pretty girls screwing their faces up with plastic surgery.Scary! Old men shouldn’t do funny things to their faces!

Ali Lohan is Lindsay Lohan’s seventeen (yes I said seventeen not seventy) year old sister who’s probably had more surgery than Michael Jackson.

Well there ya go Pouters! Keep on pouting pretty and remember to send your entries to poutperfection@gmail.com and as soon as your pic is uploaded you will get an email telling you it has been added, then “like” Pout Perfection Blog on Facebook and get your friends to “like” your photo!

Pout Pretty!


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