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All Scorned Women Could Learn from Liberty Ross

Hiya Poutlings

So, everyone else covered it, and, it was very over rated. The Kirsten Stewart/Rupert Sanders cheating scandal. I thought we didn’t need to, because it was everywhere, IN YOUR FACE everywhere… so we only posted a few times on our Facebook page about it… but no where near as much as anyone else.

However, the one couple I have felt sorry for through this was Rupert Sanders’ wife Liberty and undoubtly, their two children. So that brings me to my post today: Kirsten Stewart could learn a lot from her former friend-turned-love-rival, the beautiful Liberty Ross who has spoken very eloquently on her attitude to life in the past year

“… sometimes, when things seem really bad, you have to be able to see the good and learn from it, and just move forward as graciously as possible.”

Liberty, who is now 32 years old was talking as she was being filmed backstage as she prepared to walk in ALEXANDER WANG’s show at New York Fashion Week last month.

There was no pointed fingers at the press or paparazzi or anyone else, no staring at the floor as Kirsten does, simply, an honest appraisal of how she managed to get out of bed and get on with things in face of a very public humiliation at the hands of the one person who should have her back and she should be able to count on at any time, not just when the going gets tough.

Liberty and her husband, Rupert Sanders, who is 41, were snapped leaving marriage counselling at the weekend, which, whilst being huge in the states, is a step rarely taken by Brits who’d rather have their toenails pulled out than talk about their feelings when in a relationship.

Meanwhile, I do not give a flying fuck whether Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart are back together, I do hope that Rupert and Liberty iron out their problems – given the fact that they have two kids – be it together or apart but at least for the sanity of their kids, hopefully its not an uncomfortable home environment.

Liberty’s a case book study in how a woman should act in public when dealing with a cheating husband: put on your makeup, your best clothes, hold your head high, your mouth shut and remind him at every turn that he risked throwing it away.

Do people deserve second chances? Yes, in certain cases.

He’s a very lucky man, I’m not sure if I were in the situation I’d give him such a generous second (or is it more than that??) chance.

All he’d have got from me would have been a carefully-aimed Christian Louboutin right in the nuts and an expressive-worded letter in post from a divorce lawyer.

Liberty, is a lady on the hand, and like her, I probably would of forgiven him eventually. The kiss/kafoofle/whateverthefuckhappened with K-Stew was no doubt more sexually satisfying for Rupert than an afternoon in a IVF doctors office toilet with a plastic beaker and some dirty magazines…. but it was also 100 times more humiliating.

What are your thoughts?




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Greetings Poutlings

It’s time for another sour post about the best-selling-yet-worse-written book that has sold millions of copies on hype alone, yet it is somehow credited with saving marriages the world over (what, pray tell, were you all doing before this horrendous piece of “literature” came long?? playing Scrabble??) has now inspired an OFFICIAL 50 SHADES SEX TOY RANGE….

Which, just happens to be out just in time for Christmas.



This actually gives me a stress headache. If you NEED to re-enact scenes from a childishly-written book using sex toys inspired by said book, your sex life is truly beyond saving.

Ok, that’s harsh… let me put it this way… YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG… (and it’s not beyond saving, I need to stop being so damn melodramatic). At least people are making an effort to get jiggy-with-it and I do appreciate that once people pop out children, getting off often goes out of the window. So, well done for trying.

After seeing this stupid sex toy range, I cannot shake the thought of suburban couples blindfolding and spanking each other with the £24.99  (roughly R300) Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle and the wife moaning as Anastatia does in the book: ‘Spank me please… sir.‘ just makes me squirm and feel very uncomfortable… not in a good way.

Am I overreacting? Probably. The commerical world is so over rated and it would appear that E.L. James has just joined the MASSIVE-SELL-OUT bandwagon to make more money over hype.

And this is what I think about that….



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