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LFW: saying “Fabulous” In a British Accent

Hiya Poutlings

Hope you’re all doing faaaabulous!! Anyway, anyone been keeping up with London Fashion week? Well, I have, but very briefly.

Who are the front row fame ho’s at this Fashion Week? Well, its certainly not lived up to the celebrity drenched hub that is NYC.

Even New York this year wasn’t up to it’s usual star-spotting standard. This year was just dull in having couples who add up to one mega star between the two of them, I mean Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas or even Kim Krapdashian and Kanye West *vomit* I’d much rather have a Gwen Stafani or a Tilda Swinton over those couples, you know, people who really are known and matter substantially more? Yes. Those!

London, on the other hand has been even more disappointing. A group of “It” fashionaista models, Laura Bauley, Poppy Delevigne, bloggers and self-affected children, Alexa Chung, Kelly Osbourne, Pixie Geldof… oh and of course, Lady Gaga jumping up and down looking for attention, again… a bit like an annoying little dog, but worse.

The highlights of the lowlights so far:

At Henry Holland, Alexa Chung tells the other spiffingly fabulous fashion twigs how she doesn’t even know why anyone is interested in her.

Kelly Osbourne interrupts and offers advice on how to wear sunglasses and speak in two accents at once. And say “all fashion” all the time on TV.

At Burberry, Anna Wintour having a old girls meet ‘n greet with photographer Mario Testino. She actually looks her age in this snake print suit from the cruise ship boutique.

Dita Von Teese starts an impromptu outdoor burlesque by sexily dropping her umbrella then remembers she’s wearing corseting that renders her incapable of even scratching her head and waitis a knight in a shining retro tuxedo to save her.

Who ever the hell Tali Lennox is (I guess by the name she is Annie’s kid – maybe!), I like her Burberry Prorsum swag.

Who ever the hell this chick is needs to go back to her struggling artists loft and brush her hair…

Samantha Cameron wonders why she can’t sit with a bitchy fashion blogger or a child of celebrity.

Child of American music royalty, Daisy Lowe shows no sign of her step mother, Gwen Stefani’s style, grace or genuine rock ‘n roll attitude.

14 year old Marc Jacobs’ muse Elle Fanning shows up to Topshop Unique straight from school… Aaah, does it make you miss how glamourous school uniform can be? hahha. NAAT.

Olivia Palermo does it up proper fashion, like also at Unique. She has an uncanny ability to make you want to buy clothes that will make you look like you are wearing a black plastic bin bag.

…well that’s all for now folks.


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‘Mantyhose’… Yes that is a real thing!

Hi Pouters

Are you a fan of hosiery?

Do you like wearing tights or stockings?

I simply hate stockings from cold winters at school, horrible off-brown-kinda-looks-like-vomit-coloured tights. The thought of them to this day still fills me with anguish of those cold winter mornings and horrible brown school shoes. Ugh.

Moving on, enough about my school uniform trauma.

One simply cannot beat fishnet stockings for dress up parties though.

That aside, would you like your man to be wearing a pair of tights? Specifically made for men, so that would make it manly right?

According to upscale hosiery retailer Emilio Cavallini that purchases by men (and for men) now account for 2 to 3 percent of their annual sales. He noticed the trend about three years ago.

When we started our online shop we noticed that a lot of tights sized medium-large were being purchased by men … So I did a search on the Internet and discovered there is a cult following for mantyhose.


So he decided to cater to male customers by creating unisex tights that allow for greater breathability, which is important since men perspire much more than women do.” Yes, I had to share that with you. I read it and well, so you have to visualize that image along with me…. Sweaty balls! Who’s passing on breakfast?

So, who are these sweaty, mantyhose-wearing men, and how do they style their hosiery? Apparently the same way people wear long underwear or spandex — in other words, safely out of sight beneath their pants as an extra layer during the winter. Emilio has however said that there are a select few more daring gents, that are European *cough* Italians, but that goes without saying; that have been seen to be sporting their ‘mantyhose’ with shorts.

Which brings us all to the inevitable question about unisex tights: To put it delicately, wouldn’t there be a problematic fit discrepancy between men and women in the groin area? Don’t even deny, you thought about it too.  Emilio says no: If it’s fine for Italian guys, it’s fine for the world.” – sounds as though he’s blowing smoke up his own ass there to me…



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