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Miley Cyrus’ Interesting New Single

Hiya Poutlings

Miley Cyrus, who has been on a huge “I’m a grown up now guys!“; “get-me-off-the-Disney-child-star train“; and let’s not forget…. “look I’m a big girl, I don’t need to wear panties anymore!” has released her new single yesterday On Air with Ryan Secrest, telling him:

“Everyone always judges and says what they want, but my fans… have really stood by me no matter what I’ve been through… and this is a song that says where I’m at in my life right now.”

Listen to the single right here:

It’s mediocrely named “We Can’t Stop”. It sounds very Britney Spears circa 2001, think I’m a Slave 4 U era. The lyrics just make me laugh, she sounds like she’s got something to prove something “shaking it like we at a strip club”  – REALLY, you cannot be more cryptic than that? ….and “trying to get a line in the bathroom“… oh what a great example you’re showing all your fans that have stood by you and bought your various lines for you in the past.  I just don’t buy it. She may very well be living this rock star lifestyle, but just no Miley, no. It’s not classy, it’s not grown up, it’s certainly not rockstar cool and well it’s just trashy.

The rest of her new album which is due for release later this year she has collaborating with Pharrell, Future, Dr. Luke and will.i.am. This is going to get even more interesting!

What are your thoughts on this?

x missfitz

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Embrace the Tennis Bracelet

Hi Poutlings!

serena williams 150709

You don’t have to be Serena Williams in order to rock a tennis bracelet. However, there is something you can learn from her. Even when dressed in her sport wear she makes sure to add a piece of glamour to ensemble with her signature tennis bracelet. This serves well to remind us that although she is sporty and athletic, she is still a lady with elegant taste. With the popularity of diamond tennis bracelets increasing, so have the choices.

classic tennis bracelet

Whenever you hear the word “classic” you immediately think simple and sophisticated, and that is an accurate depiction of a classic four prong tennis bracelet. With a slender row of beautiful diamonds sitting along your wrist, this bracelet is perfect for anyone who likes a mixture of dazzling and delicate. Along with its undeniable beauty, this piece of jewellery is also lightweight and flexible making it the right choice for “soccer mom” or CEO.

designer tennis bracelet

A designer piece is for the one who wants to make a bold statement. The one who thinks that simple is just a little too simple. Designer tennis bracelets have an added charm with their elaborate craftsmanship, taking tennis bracelets to a new level with designs like wavy, twirl, or S-shaped links, to name a few. Like Serena has shown, a tennis bracelet can be worn on and off the court; and with a wide variety of styles to choose from you can make it your own just as she did.

And – DID YOU KNOW: Tennis bracelets were once called eternity bracelets? Quite a beautiful sentiment isn’t it? Why not pair up your eternity bracelet with a diamond eternity ring? This ring is excellent for celebrating a wedding, anniversary, or just your love. With an option of a single or double row diamonds, you can decide just how extravagant you want it. So go ahead, make someone’s day and set their heart on fire!

x missfitz

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Hiya Poutlings

I had an interesting conversation with one of my recently-single friends last night and we got talking about Valentines Day! She was obviously very bitter about it, but then I think/hope I put some of it into perspective for her. Now, this “holiday” has been thrown way out of perspective. It’s a silly holiday, you don’t need to give into the external pressures of it and you also do not need to be super grumpy about it either.

Case in point: I am in a happy relationship – we don’t really do the Valentines day thing that the media portrays, I would much rather have LOVE expressed every day or on any other day, yes, a silly little chocolate/real (not plastic) flower or something never goes a miss even on Valentines day, however, huge elaborate gifts on Valentines day can be OTT. Even, me, in my relationship have received at least 5 emails daily to tell me to send flowers, send my loved one for a massage, silly stupid gifts ideas, etc. I REALLY DO NOT NEED TO SEND MY BOYFRIEND FLOWERS… but thank you for trying to market that to me.

Valentine’s Day, really should be no different than any other day! Really… In my opinion……however it should never be used for the following:

1. To throw a pity party – YOU may be single and bitter, or coupled and bitter, or divorced and bitter. You have have good reason to be terribly, terribly bitter about love. I am not taking that away from you. But Valentine’s Day does not give you carte blanche to feel sorry for yourself. You do not get to sulk. Or be mean to your co-worker because they got a flower delivery. Or be a general pitiful piece of shit all day because you are not getting any flowers.

2. To contact your ex – I urge you NOT to contact any form of your exes on Valentine’s Day. Due to the external pressure I mentioned earlier, it’s heavy pressure. I’m not saying you should never contact your ex, but if you really want to, sleep on it for a whole week and contact them on 21st of February, when all the chocolate is on sale.

3. To go on an emotional bender – You might be feeling lonely, or reflecting on why you do not have romantic love in your life, or possibly even mourning a love that was lost. That is perfectly fine and normal. Do not let it get you down a rabbit hole of catastrophic thinking. You start with IT WOULD OF BEEN REALLY NICE TO GET FLOWERS and before you know it you’re at WHO’S GOING TO BE THERE FOR ME HOLDING MY HAND WHEN I DIE? Come on, now. No need to spiral out of control, indulging in feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day never really leads anywhere productive. Instead, challenge yourself to think more productive thoughts like WHAT ARE SOME THINGS I CAN DO TO BE MORE OPEN TO LOVE IN MY LIFE THIS YEAR? or LET ME REMIND MYSELF WHY THE EX AND I DIDN’T WORK OUT.

4. To test the person you are dating – Valentine’s Day is not a test to see how much the person you’re dating cares about you. There is no report at the end of the night. If there’s something you want to do celebrate, don’t wait for someone else to plan it. The people we date aren’t waiting around all year to make our magical Valentine’s Day fantasies happen.

5. To DEMAND an expensive gift – If the person you’re dating has the funds to buy you an opulent gift, like any of the gifts Sandylashxx mentioned in her last post, and happens to do so from the bottom of his/her heart, then consider yourself EXTREMELY lucky. If the person you are dating does not have the funds to buy you a mini pony wiht a diamond collar, so what? It doesn’t mean they love you any less. Don’t be that person who makes the holiday about all material gain. And please, dear God, don’t use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to push for an engagement ring, unless the time really is right for you two.

6. To internet stalk – Getting on Facebook/Twitter/Google and looking at pictures of your ex(es) and his or her new love is always a bad idea in my opinion… but if this is an activity that you’re not ready to give up, fine. Just abstain for 24 hours.

7. to sign up to an online dating site – PLEASE by all means, feel free to sign up for online dating. But do not do it the week of Valentine’s day. No need to get desperate, looking for a date, any date come February 11th.

Moral of the story: we all need to learn that being alone is NOT  bad thing. It’s a thing that everyone needs to learn to do at one point or another in life. If that doesn’t motivate you, remember that there is no lonlier feeling than spending Valentine’s Day with someone you don’t care for.


anti valentines


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♥ So… it’s Valentine month ♥

Hello Pretty poutlings ♥

So, I haven’t blogged in a while, after a wonderful holiday in the bush and the beginning of a hectic year with lots and lots of sexy photo shoots for Valentine, I am hopefully back now to tell you about some more awesome products, services and fun stuff.

However, seeing as it’s the so called “Month of lurveee”… well… as of today, SINGLE people… you have 10 days left to find someone. haha

If you cannot find someone, well, why not fake it?! Yes, some people do that, and there are so many ways of doing it.

Thanks to technology nowadays, you don’t have to spend time in malls looking for gifts, having people walk like sheep in front of you and eventually suffering from mall rage… yes it happens… we have wonderful services such as NetFlorist.co.za  , NetGifts.co.za and they recently added NetJewel.co.za to their list.

What I really love about this service, is that they are fast, friendly efficient and so far, has not disappointed me whenever I send gifts to people. You can pay via EFT or Credit card and your gifts or flowers can be delivered in your name, or ANONYMOUSLY… so, if you’re single… be your own secret admirer… yes it’s sad… maybe even a little pathetic…

So whether you want to send some flowers and chocs or maybe something a little more naughty…

or something cute

this would be the service to use. Best of all, you can order today and pre-date the delivery day. They will then make sure your present is delivered on the day you want. And you have the option to save important dates on a calendar, so they will notify you when a birthday or special event is comming up, so forgetting your mothers birthday is no longer an excuse!

So, there is no excuse for you not to get into the season, either treat yourself, or someone dear to you. No matter where in the country you find yourself, or your loved one, they can be gifted.

So, if you’re still a hopeless romantic at heart, and believe in Valentines day…

(although the poor bugger was beaten to death and had his head cut off, all for the love of marrying couples in secret)

♥♥ Go ahead, have some fun this love season. ♥♥


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