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Guest Contribution : Sorbet Hydro Skin SPF 15 Day Cream and Nigt Cream Reviews

When I heard Sorbet launched their own skincare range last year, I was extremely excited to give these products a try. Not much later Fi sent me these to be reviewed. I first finished the products I was using at the time, and excitedly started to use the Sorbet products.

Hydro Skin Set

I was sent the Hydro Skin SPF15 Day Cream and the Hydro Skin Night Cream. The Hydro Skin range was specifically developed to rehydrate tired and thirsty skin. If I would have purchased it, I would have chosen the exact same products. I am almost 33 years old and living in Mpumalanga with the dry and unpredictable weather really takes a toll on my skin.

The packaging of these products are beautiful. They look like glass pots, but are actually plastic. They look quite good on my dressing table with their clean cut look, compared to my other pots , bottles and potions with their overly branded labels. HydroSkin Day

The Day Cream is a rich face cream with a scent of fresh greens. Because it has a built in SPF of 15, I have stopped using a sunblock on my face daily. Eliminating one product during my morning routine really does make a difference. My skin  feels hydrated after application in the mornings, but the best part of this product is the fact that the moisture stays there the whole day. With this product I have no dry patches making their nasty appearance during the course of my day.HydroSkin Night

The Night Cream is a richer cream than the Day Cream also with a fresh green fragrance. I do not like my night creams to be overly fragranced to prevent irritation, but this scent is so subtle that it does not leave the skin feeling irritated or over stimulated. Of the two products, the Night Cream is my favourite. It is soothing and moisturising. In the mornings when I wake up my skin feels hydrated, soft and plump.

The Hydro Skin range contains ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids, and Vitamin A & E which are great because I have always loved for my skincare products to have Vitamin E in. It gives the skin that extra boost that we need with factors that damages it over time.

It has been a joy using these products. I also purchased the Sorbet Salon Skin Daily Polish Powder (R220) and it is a lovely product. Combined these three products make my skin feel soft, hydrated and moisturised. I will happily only use these products for the rest of my days as they compliment my skin in so many positive ways.

You can find the Sorbet products at Sorbet Salons and Clicks stores and both the Day and Night Cream will only cost R155 each. Finally a budget beauty range that does a great job!


About the author, Leandra Bothma of a Total Loss For Words IMG_20317206100256-2 I am a  32 year old wife, mother, daughter and breast cancer survivor. I am obsessed with beauty and books and if I can smell it, use it, taste it, read it or eat it then I will most probably write about it if it strikes my fancy!




Disclaimer: This product was in a goodie bag at the end of the #SorbetSkinShow in Cape Town, this has in no way altered the review in anyway.

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Beaucience for Men – Product Review

Good Morning Poutlings,

I trust that you are doing well, staying warm and taking vitamins 🙂

Today i’ll be doing a little product review on some skincare products for men.

Let me start off by informing you that I am in no shape or form affiliated with the brand or it’s products.

I received two products from this brand to review and of course I’m not a Man so I had my better half play guinea pig for me. He has been using the products for a week more or less now and being half ginger and only 3/4 human I could immediately see a difference. But before i get into that let me tell you a bit more about the brand.


“Beaucience (pronounced bo-ci-ons) is a proudly South African professional skincare brand specifically focusing on using natural formulations and organic ingredients where possible. With the combination of the unique peptide ingredients proteasyl (derived from pea plants) and essential oils, the results is a kind yet direct approach to ageing for men and woman. Beaucience has been designed for the more environmental conscious user making sure that our carbon footprint is low by using where possible South African ingredients, environmental friendly packaging, recyclable glass and bio-degradable plastic.

What makes Beacuience unique?

  • Essential oils are used to lightly fragrance the product
  • No parabens – we use natural preservatives
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Manufactured in a Soil Association certified manufacturing
  • Not tested on Animals
  • Trials with the products done in South Africa on human subjects over a period of 6-8 weeks
  • Proudly South African brand
  • An exclusive male and female anti-ageing and hydrating home care range is available
  • An amenities range is available
  • A professional range for beauty salons are available
  • A retail range is available from pharmacies and health stores

So as I mentioned before I had my ginger viking make use of the products for a little over a week (aftershave balm and face wash) With him being a ginger and having VERY pale skin he has very sensitive skin and always ends up with a shaving rash I also forgot to mention that he has a very heavy metal beard (yes this too is red :P) With it being winter at the moment and the air being extremely dry we all tend to suffer from dry skin and he specifically has a really dry patch or rather rash within his beard, firstly because it does not get all the moisture and “air” it needs.

After using the products for two days we immediately noticed a difference in his skin texture and its elasticity (I would just like to add that both of us have a regular skin care routine with other products) Having a oily skin he generally has excessive oiliness and a shine but after making use of the products not only did he’s shine appear less apparent but the oil content in his skin also got more under control which also helped ease on the forming of papules and pastules. The rash within his beard has also become less of an irritation and more bearable, dry patches formed due to his facial hair has since vanished and become more moisturized leaving his skin softer and “younger” all over.

I would definitely recommend Beaucience to all men especially those with facial hair after seeing what it’s done for my viking with his.

Some Information on the products:


Aftershave Balm - R119.99

Aftershave Balm – R119.99 


BEAUCIENCE AFTERSHAVE BALM is a light textured balm. Use after shaving or anywhere externally on the body. This balm helps soften and soothe the skin.



Protective Moisturizing SPF15 cream - R149.99

      Protective Moisturizing SPF15 cream – R149.99

BEAUCIENCE MOISTURIZING SPF15 CREAM is a luxurious day cream which will leave your skin feeling soft and cared for. It has added benifits of UVA and UVB protection.

Facial wash - R59.99

Facial wash – R59.99

BEAUCIENCE FACIAL WASH is a luxurious soap-free formulation. The pH balance formulation gently cleanses and leaves skin feeling fresh





Facial Scrub - R69.95

Facial Scrub – R69.95

BEAUCIENCE FACIAL SCRUB is a pre-shave cleanser and exfoliating agent. It helps to remove dead skin cells and helps to prevent in-grown hairs. This scrub provides that instant ‘pick-me-up’ feeling and adds a healthy glow to the skin.

Masque - R79.99

Masque – R79.99




BEAUCIENCE MAQUE is an easy to apply non-drying formulation. It deep cleanses for a clear complexion and is suitable for all skin types.




This is definitely the ideal gift for men who enjoys taking care of themselves and their skin, in today’s day and age it seems to be all men with Skin and taking care of your skin, health and all round well being has become a life style more then anything else. So ladies be sure to look into this product for your man, who doesn’t enjoy a man with soft well taken care of skin 😉 And guys you will love this product I have a heavy metal viking with a full on beard and he loves it so i’m sure without a doubt that you would to.

Where can you find BEAUCIENCE?

Website:  http://www.beaucience.co.za or http://www.thespashop.co.za

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Beaucience/276701786522?fref=ts

Email: info@thespawarehouse.co.za

cruelty free


Have a fabulous Wednesday and keep warm 🙂




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A Win for Europe

Morning Poutlings,

As a great deal of you might know a few of us posting for PP are extreme animal lovers and not afraid to show it, With that being said I know a few of you might share in the love with us and therefore I thought it fitting to share the following amazing news with you all…



“The European Coalitation to end animal experiments has something to celebrate this winter, after years (23 to be exact) of effort, the group has succeeded in banning the use of animals in cosmetic testing in all member countries of the European Union. As of March 11, all personal care products, from high-end to drugstore brands, will be subjected to the rule, which means that final products cannot be tested on animals and nor can any of the given products’ ingredients. For sometime, the long-push for a ban has been debated and put off, and according to ECEAU, it’s final success was due to the work of Tonio Borg, the new European commissioner for health and consumer policy. “The former EU’s cosmetic regulations has been considering recommendations to delay or weaken the ban, allowing the cosmetic industry to continue testing cosmetic products and ingredients on animals until they could find alternative methods”, details the ECEAU, but it went through, thanks to Borg’s urging. Cosmetics will still be tested for safety by companies that make them, using agreed-upon methods of non-animal testing. The group’s next goal is to end the use of animals in scientific experiments (12 million animals a year are used in Europe for this purpose.) Think animal testing is different today than what you may have heard about it in the ’90s when this issue received allot of attention? According to the human society’s excellent FAQ on animal testing in the United States: “Although they are not required by law, several tests are commonly performed by exposing mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs and other animals to cosmetics ingredients. This includes:

  • Skin and eye irritation tests where chemicals are rubbed onto shaved skin or dipped into eyes of rabbits without any pain relief.
  • Repeated force-feeding studies lasting weeks or months to look for signs of general illness or specific health hazards such as cancer and birth defects.
  • Widely condemned “lethal dose” tests, in which animals are forced to swallow large amounts of chemicals to determine the dose that causes death.

“At the end of the tests the animals are killed, normally by asphyxiation, neck-breaking or decapitation . Pain relief is not provided. In the United States, a large percentage of the animals used in such testina (Such as laboratory-bred rats and mice) are not counted in official statistics and receive no protection under the animal welfare act.”

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/06/cosmetic-testing-animals-skincare-makeup_n_2632526.html

ECEAE: http://www.eceae.org/en/category/latest-news/308/eceae-counts-down-to-historic-day-when-there-will-be-no-cruel-cosmetics-in-europe


Here’s to cruelty free beauty! 😀

Please share your thoughts on animal testing, The EU has only banned cosmetics testing on animals but at least its a start, baby steps… Next stop everything else!




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Busting Myths on Beauty Tales

Hiya Poutlings!

Let’s get down to business the stuff we’ve heard and seen advertised – is it an old wives tale or does it really work? I’m playing Mythbusters today 🙂

1. Blackhead removing strips work

False. The truth is, the only way to remove blackheads is via manual extraction, something that’s typically part of a facial. Those black spots you  see when you rip off a strip from your nose are nothing more than dirt and  hair.

2. Cellulite creams work

False. It’s unfortunate, but true, no matter what a particular cream or gel tube tells you, there is no miracle in a bottle when it comes to fighting  cellulite. That said, some products can create a tightening effect, but nothing  permanent in the way of ridding the body of dimples.

3. You only need sunscreen when it’s sunny

False. UVA rays (the ones that cause wrinkles), are equally strong all year round and unlike UVB (the ones that cause sunburns), they penetrate through  window glass. You might not see the damage now from not wearing SPF year round,  but age spots, wrinkles, or in the worst cases, skin cancer, begin to appear as  you age.

4. Serums are a waste of time and money

False. Many women don’t apply a serum under their treatment product and  while it’s not the end of the world to have your anti-aging cream, moisturizer,  or whatever cream you are applying to improve your skin texture perform to its optimal potential, applying a serum beforehand will not only help loosen up your  skin making it more permeable, but serums have a higher concentration of active ingredients, making it critical when you’re having a hard time seeing results.

5. Toners are a waste of time and money

False. A skincare routine should ideally start with a toner once the skin is cleansed (if you find  your toner irritating it might be because it contains alcohol, so opt for an  alcohol-free one to be on the safe side), especially in the wintertime to maintain optimal skin hydration.

6. You can use the same skincare products year round

False. Skin reacts to weather, so it acts differently from summer to winter,  meaning that products have to be adjusted even if only slightly. For example, skin tends to produce  less oil in the winter, so opting for moisturizers and hair products that target dry skin is crucial for most people.

7. Greasy food and chocolate will make you break out

False. If the grease in your burger and slap-chips is drizzling all around your  mouth area while you eat, I imagine you might break out, but there has been no  hard evidence to suggest that just eating these foods causes breakouts. They are not ideal for healthy skin but eating Mc Donalds won’t be the major cause of your breakout.

8. Oily skin doesn’t need hydration

False. Moisturizing is an essential component in maintaining healthy skin cells. When treating oily skin (common in the summer), skip greasy, oil-based  moisturizers and opt instead for water-based, oil-free ones.

9. Crossing legs will cause varicose or spider veins

False. A commonly held belief is that sitting with your legs crossed  increases vein pressure resulting in varicose or spider veins, but this theory  has never been proven. The main culprits are family history, pregnancy, and  aging. Some studies, however, have shown that wearing compression hosiery can  help prevent them (to a minimal degree), since they apply slight pressure around  the leg, decreasing the volume of the veins.

10. Heavy creams are the most effective

False. More is not better when it comes to skincare. Skin can only absorb so  much and if you over-apply, especially when dealing with heavy creams, skin will  have a hard time absorbing what you’ve applied. As a result, the product will  just sit on the skin’s surface, weighing down skin tissue.


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