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MUD Studio in SOUTH AFRICA launching in April

Being a huge MUD supporter and having first being acquainted with the brand at IMATS 2 years ago, I know that the MUD brand has so much to offer in terms of not only makeup BUT education too. The fact that showrooms rolled out across the country throughout last few years, is great for professionals and consumers alike to have products with not only the best quality but great prices and multiple uses available which easily rival some of the other brand names that have dominated the South African shores for long. MUD is not just about a product that you buy and use though, they are about understanding, education and techniques of how to effectively use their products for the best results from the products you buy from them. NEW-MUD-STUDIO

This is because when MUD was founded in 1997 in North Hollywood, California their main focus was not just amazing products, it was about the education and world class training facilities. The MUD curriculum and teaching style is being made available locally in order to improve the quality of our professional makeup services, beauty salons, image consultants and training institutions and not to forget the end user consumer who will receive the best results from using the products correctly. Brenda Botha is the owner of the MUD South Africa brand and she has made it her mission to make sure that South Africa is not left behind in the dust with the renowned MUD standards of training. Hence the MUD Studio concept is launching in April and it something for everyone to get excited about. Continue reading

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How Not To Create a Smokey Eye Look

This video will certainly make you crack a smile. Three men try follow Michelle Phan’s smokey eye makeup tutorial and this is the result… Men Makeup with Michelle Phan

I know this is an oldie but it certainly still makes me laugh. Often I attempt a smokey eye and I alwasy end up blending it out to a more intense eye because it feels wrong or too dark for daytime but in all honestly its not too bad compared to these guys. I think I may just have the makeup thing down, well at least much better than these poor guys. Practice certainly does make perfect!

Can I just say that on the whole contour trend that they hit the nail on the head… Rub some dirt on your face 😀 LOL!!

Kudos to them for being such good sports and giving it their best try.
Men Makeup with Michelle Phan

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Panda Eyes vs. Smokey Eyes

I am always baffled when I see girls with pitch black dark not blended horrible makeup on their eyes. A lot of them think its “smokey” but what the hell is smokey about looking like you put on coal black rimmed glasses?

The queens of wearing smokey eyes would have to be a split award between all 3 of the Kardashian sisters.

Smoking hot mama! See, you don't always need to go black...Rocking the smokey eye!Smokey doesn’t always have to be as dark as Kourtney’s or doesn’t always have to be shades of black and silver, although a traditional smokey eye would be and it doesn’t always have to be as light as Khloe’s in the images I’ve put above. These girls know how to wear them and are all serious makeup wearers.

Panda eye made a feature in Vogue in 2008Panda eye made a feature in Vogue in 2008

So, I am not sure where the panda eye has come from, I know it appeared in Vogue in 2008 but since then I think it would of been a fad that would of died out and quickly, afterall we all make mistakes even Vogue!

So, I’ll leave you with some pictures to look at and decide for yourselves, SMOKEY or PANDA?

OOOPShahaha.... So smokey or Panda?

Sooo.... Smokey or Panda?

hahaha I had to... Gaga is sooo "extreme"


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