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Style Watch : Daphne Guinness

Heya Poutlings!

You may remember some time last year I posted about Daphne Guiness & MAC were set to team up. Well, they did for Winter 2011 and as you can only imagine it was a huge success.

Daphne Guinness & MAC Collaboration

This collection is a window into my imagination.”

I seem to be featuring a lot of British fashion of late in my Style Watch posts, but with the Olympics being in full swing in Britain, why not? You might see some patrism in my posts for my homeland. We shall see.

I found myself thinking the other day ‘who encapsulates the perfect mix of past, present and future in fashion today?’. Surely, Daphne Guinness has to be the answer.

Daphne Guinness at Black Art Auction hosted by Alexander Mcqueen 2004

She is known for hating the use of the word eccentric in relation to her dress sense, I’m going to instead use ‘directional‘. There is absolutely no hint of madness behind her seemingly chaotic ensambles, show such a passion for art forms using the body to portray ideals and ideas.

Daphne Guinness is renown for wearing “night walker” shoes

Sometimes her choices for dressing seem as dark and mysterious as the beer her father invented, her choices are always thought provoking and philosophical. It’s not suprise that her mother was a muse to photography legend Man Ray and Salvador Dali or that her long time openly-secret lover is French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy.

Daphne Guinness with her late friend Isabella Blow

She is known by everyone in the fashion industry, her most likeminded companions have tragically ended their lives. In 2007 her close friend Isabella Blow, who was famous for her love of imaginative headwear, committed suicide. Soon after, Daphne created the Isabella Blow Foundation, in the hopes to bring about awareness of mental health issues.This year in June Daphne auctioned 102 items from her wardrobe at Chrisites to raise money for the cause.

Atending the Daphne Guinness Fashion Exhibit last year, standing in front of the 'Daphne Guinness in Water' portrait

Many of the items which were auctioned happened to be pieces from her other best friend, Alexander McQueen who also committed suicide three yeaars after Isabella Blow, in 2010. His dreamlike creations, often with troubling or literary themes have been a constant inspiration to Daphne and she has worn some of his most challenging and progessive designs with the upmost ease and grace.

There are certain items which are always worn by Daphne. She loves mixing and matching coloured or patterned contact lenses, super skinny trousers, unusually structured dresses and armour jewellery. When she desires any of the above and cannot find what she’s looking for, she often designs things herself to fufil her passion for aesthics and image.

Last year she gave a chilling performance, lying on a stone effigy for 2 hours wearing a silver body suit that was made for her by her late friend, Alexander McQueen and a Contra Mundra platinum diamond glove designed by herself and Shaun Leane. Then Tom Ford leaned in to kiss her – as a respectful mourner would honour a dead loved one – and she and he shared a small smile.

Isn’t she something else? I love her!


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Style Watch : Emma Watson

My dear Poutlings!

A beautiful style star in my eyes, most certainly has to be the stunning Emma Watson… having the world watch her as she grew up into the beautiful young lady she is today, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite Emma Watson style…

I just love her style… its so lady-like, so poise, so proper… don’t you?

She must have the most amazing shoe cupboard, have you seen the heels she has for some of her outfits? OMG… I want!



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