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Gisele Comes Out on Top Once Again

While taking a break from doing some budgets before payday, I stumbled across the Forbes list and as always I’m interested to know what the super models are making! This however, might make you feel somewhat inferior in the looks/money area…

gisele bunchen

For the seventh year running – Giesle Bunchen ranked in an estimated $42million in 2013-2013…. That’s a whole lot of moola. However her earnings don’t match last years total of $45 million but are actually even more impressive when you take into account that she took off time to give birth to her youngest daughter, Vivian. This woman is POWERFUL. Powerful because is making at least 3 times as much as the people that came behind her

Here are the figures of the models that came as runners up eating Gisele’s dust in the list were:

Miranda Kerr – $7.2 million

Miranda Kerr for VS Lingerie December 2012-050

Adriana Lima – $6 million

andriana lima

Kate Moss – $5.7 million

Kate Moss

Liu Wen – $4.3 million (an emerged Chinese superstar who is the first Chinese model to star in a Victoria’s Secret Fashion show.)


Now, excuse me while I go cry in the corner and feel inferior.

x flea143

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Gisele Bundchen is pregnant again, and rich!

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MODEL TAKEOVER : Who’s Replacing 90s Supers Now?

Hiya Poutlings

Cindy, Kate, Naomi, Linda, Christy… Your days were high and mighty, but now these new skinny-minnies are coming into take your place.

Who are the new super models now?

Cindy Crawford and Karlie Kloss

Beauty makes the spot on their otherwise state clean complexions. Neither Cindy nor Karlie can take a bad shot.  They both give collarbone for days, and a hunch that could make anyone feel straight.

Naomi Campbell and Jourdan Dunn

They’re both giving tribal realness, with cheekbones that say, “I’m  better than you.” We’re waiting for Jourdan’s hissy-fit but for the time being she’s fitting into Naomi’s early super shoes, fiercy.

Kate Moss and Lara Stone

In the 90s, Kate brought it to Calvin Klein, along with heroin chic and a penchent for toplessness. Now Lara brings a bustier approach to CK with that same dainty gauntness about her face.

Linda Evangelista and Daria Webowy

These Canadian chameleons have both taken the cover of Vogue in Marilyn Monroe-esque pin curls. Linda may be poutier, but they’re equally versatile!


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