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Guest Contribution : The Way to a healthy Lifestyle

Research is showing that the way to good health is lifestyle. Making simple changes to diet, exercise and stress management is all you need to turn knowledge to results. The following are tips to healthy lifestyle:

Think positive and focus on gratitude- positive attitude will help you build healthier immune system and boost your overall health. It is true that our body believes on what you think and thus it is credible to focus on positive undertaking.

Eat more vegetables– put more interest on eating vegetables at least five times a day. A diet high in vegetables is associated with reduced risk of developing cancers of the lung, colon, breast, cervix, stomach, pancreas and ovary. Put more interest on eating foods such as cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, grapes and leaf greens.

Set a five meal ideal– it is credible if you mind what, when and what to eat to help you balance your metabolism and energy levels. This ideal situation will help you manage your weight, keep you cool and maintain your focus towards avoiding cravings.

Exercise daily– investing in daily exercises will help you reduce all biomarkers of aging such as impaired eyesight, blood pressure, lean muscles and bone density. Regular exercise will improve bone density, lower cholesterol and help you live longer. Setting aside ten minutes daily for exercise will help you make difference in your life. You can achieve this through dancing in your room, walking to the park with kids, bike to work and going for a hike.

Get enough night sleep– it is credible if you have trouble sleeping to exercise relaxation technique such as meditation, yoga and eating small bedtime snacks. Eating light meal will help your body and mind to switch to sleep mode. You can also darken your room to help remove stress associated with sleep.

Use foods over supplements– supplements are not a substitute for a good diet. Avoid supplements because they are associated with diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Ensure satisfaction– eating and physical activities are fun and should stimulate your sensory experiences. When engaging for physical activity, aim at pleasure and not pain. Pay attention to nutritional value of foods you eat as well as satisfaction, relaxation, tension and relieve fatigue. Be considerate to your eating behaviour that is not motivated by hungry and considering fullness when hungry.

Give yourself a break– make sure that you give your body enough rest to help restore elements of well being. Give yourself enthusiasm and avoid depression that will increase stress hormones. Breaking up will help you introduce various training modes that can help you avoid overtraining.

HEALTHY AND HAPPYThink small– it is credible to start from small while taking plenty of water. Ensure that you take meals some hours before you retire to sleep.

Keep good company– doing all right things is simply as a result of having personal relationships with people who have healthy habits. Getting your family and friends involved in health living will help you plan on health lifestyle and healthier meals.

Choose water as a drink– water is the best liquid to quench your thirst. Prefer taking whole fruits rather than juices. Refrain from taking fresh milk as a drink to relieve thirsty.

Eat fewer snacks– select healthier alternatives that will help address your nutritional needs. Select snacks that are based on fruit and vegetables with reduced fat dairy products and whole grains. Avoid snacks that are high in sugar and saturated fats.

Detox yourself– eat diet heavy in fibre and also try taking substances that will help your body detox.


Author Bio:

Janet Adams has been chosen her career as a writer to serve in an organization, personal-essays writing service which helps all sorts of students in building a successful career in academics. She has been set up Masters Degree in Educational Science from a reputed university and has a good experience in writing business papers as well.

If you would like to contribute to Pout Perfection, either authored, as above or anonymous, kindly contact us for more information.

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My Forever Detox Experience

43 days ago on 3 Februay 2014, I embarked on a personal journey, a journey of promised health and happiness. This journey is called the Forever Clean 9 Detox and simply as the name suggests, is a 9 day detox.

Previously in my life, detox has been a dirty word as I have never strived for the fads of diets and detoxes that are ever prevalent and then die out, however this programme seems to be a bit different and this one I embraced. Was I toxic before doing this detox? Probably. I didn’t feel terrible but I wasn’t happy with a number of things, none which I feel the need to list here as I believe everyone who decides to undertake a detox would have a number of reasons, some being simple like “well, this won’t do me any harm” and others more deep and personal like losing weight, addressing illnesses and maybe a path to a better healthier life going forward. untitled1

My mother told me about this, as a friend in the UK is an agent and sells these products from Forever Living. I was sceptical at first as I’ve come across the pyramid-scheme-world before and been very hesitant however I am not interested in joining the business from that perspective and I have been advised that Forever Living is different than others, no names mentioned and I am only interested in the actual products they have on offer. On top of the fact that this product sort of sounded like it was almost-t00-good-to-be-true I did my research and Forever Living have received a load of good press internationally and they have a few different local distribution centres in South Africa as well as a number of countries world wide. 216_large

So, to summarise, the Clean 9 detox is a nutritional cleansing programme, in other words you watch what you put in your gob but it also incorporates a certain amount of exercise, (how much depends on your current level of fitness), an array of supplements, supplement milk shakes and of course the Forever Living signature product, Aloe Vera gel which you drink.

The first two days are certainly the hardest as they involve no munching, just drinking… a lot of drinking. Starting the day off with supplements, some aloe gel and some exercise with lots of water which is followed by mid morning “snack” of bee pollen supplements and lots of water – at lunch time you have even more supplements, aloe gel and a meal replacement shake that comes in chocolate or vanilla and then for dinner more supplements, aloe gel and another meal replacement shake which is all rounded off before going to bed by having some more aloe gel and water. Continue reading


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Being a fitness fanatic, I am completely in love with FITNESS MAGAZINE !

Never have I come across a magazine so informative and interesting, I have been buying and reading this magazine religiously for over 2 years now, never once have I been disappointed in it.

Being from South Africa, a lot of our fitness magazines were imported from overseas, which I didn’t bother buying due to the fact that if there were recipes or anything in them, I wouldn’t find half the ingredients or clothing and supplements they had for sale or advertised in the magazine.

Having fallen in love with FITNESS MAGAZINE SOUTH AFRICA I would highly recommended this magazine to any fitness fanatic, or those starting off new in the gym or fitness and health lifestyle.


Fitness magazine is very comprehensive, they have articles for beginners and advanced fitness freaks (like me), they have articles for the pregnant fairy’s, articles on health and training, success stories, and fat loss articles.

Ladies take advantage! Best magazine to buy, so educational and articles are always a pleasure to read. Awesome fitness clothes advertised along with nutritional supplements from leading brands.

Fitness magazine is available in your leading stores, like CNA and Dis-Chem or even better get a subscription and have it delivered to you, even better get a Digital Copy.

Fitness Magazine is well priced and well worth it! SO what you waiting for ladies, go grab one and get fit!





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