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Burst Studio

Helloo Poutlings, yes me again 😛

As many of you may or may not know, I am a make-up artist as well as a very big animal lover,

Now as both I have been struggling to find Synthetic make-up brushes for personal use as well as professional use since I can remember, I even looked for some during our Italy trip over December but was still not satisfied with what I’ve found. So today I finally took the leap and got myself a Synthetic 12 piece set from Burst Studio.

Can I just say from first glance these bad boys absolutely IMPRESSED me, they didn’t even look synthetic to be honest, they are of absolute high quality, no doubt!

Now as a make-up artist i’m sure you will all agree with me that the job cannot be done with out the proper tools, which is our brushes, products, technique etc.

So let me introduce you to my new and favorite set of tools:

SYN 01-Synthetic set:

This set consists of 12 absolutely amazing synthetic (obviously) brushes as well as an amazing black holder.

12 Piece Synthetic brush set with holder

1. Face Brushes

1. Stipple foundation brush

2. Flat foundation brush

3. Powder brush

4. Angled blush brush

5. Concealer brush

2. Eyeshadow Brushes

1. Large dome eyeshadow brush

2. Medium dome eyeshadow brush

3. Slanted eyeshadow brush

3. Blending Brushes

1. Medium blending brush

2. Small blending brush


4. Brow and Eyeliner Brushes

1. Angled brow brush

2. Pencil brush


Sadly these images don’t really do these brushes justice, I blame Iphone 😛
I really wish i could put to words what amazing quality these brushes are, they are honestly the first synthetic set I have come across that I am this impressed with.

So ladies if you are a MUA or you just love Make-up seriously pay Burst Studio a visit,

Pro artist qualify for discount, and there are smaller sets that are perfect for traveling.

They also stock pro set bags, brush belts, individual brushes, Lipstick decanting pallets, Special Sets and more.

Here are some of the other sets available from Burst Studio

Pro set bag

Pro set bag

7 piece brush set

7 piece brush set

Foundation set

Foundation set

Brush Pouch

Brush Pouch

Lip brush set

Lip brush set

Powder brush set

Powder brush set


For all you top quality brush needs visit Bust studio at:

Website: www.colourburst.co.za

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BurstStudio/info

Or you can send LaReine an email at: LaReine@colourburst.co.za

Also note that Burst studio offers a wide variety of make-up services so head on over and have a look.

Hopefully i’ll get to post a few make-up application pic’s with these beauties soon.

Have a fabulous day ladies





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