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Hey there.  Me again!

Ok, so let me say it like it is.

I guess the reason why I am quite good at makeup applications (Yes, I admit it), could be due to the fact that I am quite artistic.  Since a very young age I could draw well.  Blending the pencil lines.  Learning where and how to shade was no mission for me.  I used to have friends who couldn’t even draw stick men.  I’m not bragging, but in general makeup artists have some level of being artistic in one way or another.

(haha, so someone just told me I sound UBER VAIN with what I said above.  Look, all I’m saying is that if you’re creative (naturally) it’s easier to catch on the makeup groove.  Those people who could only draw stickmen, couldn’t apply makeup either! haha.  All I’m saying is that whether you’re naturally artistic or not, face charts is a good way to practice the art of makeup!)

I would look at a photo and sketch it.  It would almost look the same.  So what am I saying here?  Makeup FACE CHARTS   “trained” me in a sense.  I downloaded the chart.  Looked at the picture and pretty much did the same  on my face.

Do you have trouble applying makeup?  As in which colours to use?  Have you made use of FACE CHARTS?

Check out these complete FACE CHARTS.  Try to apply the same on your face.  It really helped me.  It will help you!

So print those FACE CHARTS and get out those colouring pencils and practice! (Use pencils if you don’t want to waste your makeup)

Being a professional makeup artist or just having a great talent at makeup, is knowing what goes on where first to achieve the look in the pictures above.  But, for those who want to start somewhere.  This is a good way to start.


Ps:  Want to get the creative juices flowing?  Spritz on some sexy perfume.  It somehow works for me!




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