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How To : Wear Plaid

Plaid is the preferred fabric of workmen, Catholic school students and hipsters, amd it enjoys such a diverse range of fans for a good reason : It can be dressed up or down and is available in infinite colour combinations.

And while we’re on the topic… Whether they’re wearing plaid to the grocery store or fashion week, celebrities cannot seem to get enough of it either. Let the pro’s show you how to do it.















Love it or leave it?


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Celebrities Who Look Like Llamas

Hello again Poutlings!

Now to lighten the mood of my last post, I’ve decided to post pictures of a few celebrities who look like llamas!

Enjoy 🙂

Monday is almost over – hang in there!



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Then & Now: Stars of Twilight

Hiya Poutlings ❤

Everyone is crazy about the stars of Twilight but what did they look like before they were famous? Here are some of the cast members before they were swallowed up by Hollywood. Be prepared to say “aww”!

Kristen Stewart - THEN and NOW as Bella Swan

Brycedall Showard - THEN and NOW as Victoria

Kellan Lutz THEN and NOW as Emmet Cullen

Robert Pattison THEN and NOW as Edward Cullen

Maggie Grace THEN and NOW as Irina Denali

Anna Kendrick THEN and NOW as Jessica Stanley

Jackson Rathbone THEN and NOW as Jasper Hale

Taylor Lautner THEN and NOW as Jacob

Niki Reed THEN and NOW as Rosalie

Ashley Green THEN and NOW as alice Cullen

Did you say “aww”? No? Well this one sure will make you say “aww” and if you don’t you have a heart of stone! 😛

Robert Pattison when he was cute 😛

Pout on!



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Rob & Kristen Can’t Decide Where to Live…

Happy Monday Poutlings! How was the weekend? Did you get enough sleep?

If not… have a nap at work!!! Missfitz orders! 😉

Anyway, in the land of milk and honey… the very private “it” couple of the tweens, Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart stars of twilight, may have been dating on and off since 2008 but that doesn’t mean that they are ready to make it real estate official yet. The couple seems to be having trouble agreeing on a pernament residence to shack up together.

Kristin wants to stay near Los Angeles while Rob wants a quiet West London life. According to the Daily Mail, Rob almost made the plunge but couldn’t follow through, “I did come close to buying a place in LA but 20 minutes from signing I freaked out.”.

Seen here, Robert Pattison, Kristin Stewart and Taylor Lautner share laughs at a recent Twilight convention in Los Angeles. The big three answered  questions and joked with everyone in front of hundreds of rabid fans. And then the super stars talked about their newest vampire installment Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn together.

Hopefully Kristin and Rob figure out their living situation soon, because we are all tired of pretending like they aren’t super obsessed with one another. They look so completely in love here! Maybe our very own MarindaLiza could give them some tips on finding the puuuurfect home. ❤

Be good, or take pictures and email them to us at poutperfection[at]gmail[dot]com



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Weekend Event Crush: Let’s go to the Movies!

Hmm, what is it about a Friday/Saturday night movie with your boo that makes life so friggin awesome? Who knows? But all I do know is that it absolutely rules! There’s nothing better than to book a loveseat at a cinema, have a box of popcorn (or in my case, sneak something a little tastier and cheaper in, teehee!) and get your favourite flavour “Slush Puppy” and enjoy the 3 hours of movie bliss. So, what is showing this weekend that’s worth watching?

If you’re into romatic comedies, you get to choose between one awesome Justin Timberlake movie and one mediocre Justin Timberlake movie. Apparently Bad Teacher, which stars Justin and Cameron Diaz, is about a seventh grade teacher who hates her job and makes it her goal in life to find a rich, sexy man and she has her eyes set on care-free substitute teacher Scott (Justin Timberlake). This looks awesome and personally I really want to go watch this.

On the other hand you’ve got Friends With Benefits starring Mila Kunis and Justin and basically it’s about them being friends with benefits. Duh. Also, I’ve heard it’s pretty boring, so I won’t recommend it.

If you’re into action movies, Taylor Lautner’s Abduction looks pretty cool! The plot has something to do with Taylor finding out his parents aren’t his real parents and then for some or other reason shadowy forces want him dead, etc, etc. Whatever. It’s Taylor Lautner. On a bike. Nuff said. And your man will be entertained. Score!



If you’re babysitting or entertaining the kids, then no doubt The Smurfs (whether in 3D or not), will keep them happy. No need for a background story on this one, we all know the Smurfs, surely? Oh and it stars the awesome Neil Patrick Harris and Katy Perry plays Smurfette’s voice.

What I don’t recommend, is ZooKeeper. If you must, wait for it on DVD or for it to be broadcast on Mnet because it is a total waste of money. Unless, talking animals giving a goofy, chubby goon advice on how to get a chick is your thing, ya know. I don’t even think your 8 year old niece will like it.

So, do you recommend any movies this weekend? Let me know!

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