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The Beckhams will not be “Slumming It” Now They are Back in the UK

Hiya Poutlings


I happen to follow a lot of the UK news, through SkyNews and online…. and I also happen to love the Beckhams, so forgive my obsession and constant postings on them.

There has been a lot of speculation recently about where the Beckhams are going to make their base now that they’ve left America and are back in the UK.


Yesterday, The Mirror reported that this house in south London is where they’ll be calling home.

"Beckingham Palace" in Hertfordshire

“Beckingham Palace” in Hertfordshire

But, in fact, a top-notch source online has been speculating that Beckham boys – Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz – have all been enrolled at a fee-paying school (South African’s read PRIVATE school) near the £18 million “Beckingham Palace” in Hertfordshire that they have owned since 1999 and that’s where they’ll be resting their heads most of the time whilst in England.


I suspect that they’ll use the central London ome as a crash pad when either David or Vicky have late night events in the British Capital and need to be up early or have a place that’s handy when Vikcy needs to leave the “office” and change for an evening event.

Aaah, to be rich like them.


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