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Coming live to you from Buckingham Palace in 3D on Christmas Day

Hiya Poutlings

and more specifically to our UK Readers…

If you want to scare the bejaysus out of your drunken Uncle or other crazy relative on Christmas day then please be sure to put the Queen’s speech on the tele which this year is going to be be in 3D.


I can think of nothing more frightening than Her Royal Highness and her perm beaming into your lounge to rattle on about what an “annus horribilis” the past year wasn’t while the United Kingdom sits there jerking and twitching as their tired, food and probably drink-overlaid synapses fight to protect them from being poked in the eye by the Buckingham Palace Christmas tree.

If they’re going to to that route, they really ought to look into broadcasting Harry’s Vegas naked pool billiards footage in 3D instead of Her Majesty emotionlessly reading some speech someone else wrote through her British stiff upper lip off an auto-cue. By the way, read all about the British forces giving Harry a naked salute here *clickety click*

Now, that is my idea of entertainment. If this becomes a reality please be sure to let me know when, and I will ensure that I am back home to watch that in 3D.

The rest of us in South Africa will no doubt, be able to watch the Queen’s speech on SkyNews on DSTV… fortunately or unfortunately not in 3D.


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Hiya Poutlings!

In a pretzel like bit of exploitation masquerading as outrage, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has released a flood of marketing materials in the past week pretending to be angry about the Prince Harry scandal which I have previously mentioned here…  **LINK** – not over his behaviour in Vegas, of course, but the over the behaviour of his fellow party goers, or bystanders, if you may, that took the photos of his naked ginger-backside and posted them everywhere, on the internet, which is ignoring the rule that what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas.

The advert points to VisitLasVegas.com/knowthecode, where you can actually sign a note *BIG SIGH* vowing to refrain from “tweeting, tagging, posting, telling, whispering, emoting, defining, drawing up, writing about or in any way revealing” anyone’s bad behaviour in Sin City.
Check out #knowthecode on Twitter for more… if you’re interested!

They have also unveiled a more friendly-poster, slightly amending the well known original, Keep Calm and Carry On, the war poster. Faux outrage in adverts is pretty annoying as are stupid pledges, I suppose…

It is however still hard to find fault in the Vegas Tourism advertising, it is witty, yet cheap. On the one side, it appears dim-witted yet beloved, a Prince yet a profligate, Harry is the perfect endorser for the city. Like I’ve mentioned before, he is the only one who actually appears to have any fun. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority would be foolish not to take Harry’s side on this one. They clearly want him back for more scandals. I highly doubt his Grandmamma will allow him to go back.


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Style Watch : Princess Margaret

Heya Poutlings!

Anoter royal post from me.

Don’t read this in that tone of voice, rather grab a cup of tea and join me on my post into some royal history!

I often find myself looking at pictures from the past Diamond Jubilee, mainly of Dutchess Kate and what she was wearing but something tweaked in my mind that someone was missing, the most sassy Royal of them all, is not with us anymore, Princess Margaret.

For those that do not know, Princess Margaret was the Queen’s younger sister…

Their father King George VI described Elizabeth as his “pride” and Margaret as his “joy”. Princess Margaret has been famously rebellious over the years and despite her perpetually terrible image in the press – she was seen as a royal waste of money, she remains a style icon to this day, inspiring Vivenne Westwood and Burberry’s amazing SS06.

As young girls, The Queen and Princess Margaret were close, neither girls were heirs to throne. It wasn’t until she was six years old, in 1936, that King Edward abdicated his position so that he could marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

After that, everything changed for the princesses.

Elizabeth was suddenly the next in line, and her public duties become of the upmost importance. She had to represent honour, discipline and grace. Margaret, however, went to a different route and became a well known seductive socialite.


With a tiny 18-inch waist, a fierce witty intelligence, and penchant for sophisticated finery, she was well known within social circles as being fun and flirty. She was a “must have” party guest, and thrived off the thrill of meeting new people. I doubt highly that she was ever  “WOO GIRL“.


Her passionate personality often got her into trouble! In 1953 she was firmly in love with a divorced equerry and sought to marry him. The soon-to-be Queen asked her to wait a year, as the press storm surrounding this controversy was blowing negativity strongly in her direction, instead, she gave up her affair and married photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones. Her many affairs and lovers soon disintergrated her relationship with her husband and they were divorced in 1978.

However, the progessive attitude she had towards everything, from travel to 1960’s fashion, left a distinctive mark upon society! Whether it was positive or negative, everyone that met her had a strong opinion of her.

Will you channel her style to get in touch with your inner royal? She’s been renound over the years for wearing sleveless shirts and waisted skirts, satin dresses, statement jewellery and that all important royal blue.


21 August 1930 – 9 February 2002.



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Hiya Poutlings…

As I am Pout Perfection‘s only royal, haha, just kidding, British blogger 😉 I thought it was my royal duty to shed some light on the current royal pageantry going on in the UK at the moment. As, just speaking to a work colleage I was shocked that they didn’t know it was currently the Diamond Jubilee!!

Shock!! Horror!!

The Diamond Jubilee is another way to say it has been a whole 60 years since Queen Elizabeth || became queen. Technically, it kicked off on the 6 February, 2012, 60 years since her father died in 1952 and so replaced him as the monarch at the age of 25, but the main event started on this past Saturday.


Queen Elizabeth || is only the second British monarch to reach 60 years on the throne. Back in 1897, when Queen Victoria marked the same anniversary, she was much weaker, having to celebreate the Julibee service from her open carriage sitting outside of St. Pauls Cathedral. If you know little abpout Queen Elizabeth ||, you’d likely recognize her in bright coloured outfits and big hats still visiting crowds of people at the age of 86. She’s not slowing down for the current Central Weekend, which includes celebrations across the UK and Commonwealth for the queen’s 60 year rule, from Saturday 2 June, til Tuesday 5 June.

If you want to follow along at home here is what you should know. You might even consider throwing a Diamond Jubilee party, complete with Corgis, favours and tea.

WHO: The royal family and commoners alike.

WHAT: Street parties, a concert at Buckingham Palace, a flotilla pageant down the Thames and more!

WHERE: In London, across the UK, and throughout the Commonwealth, the group of nations formally belonging to the British Empire, some of which still have Queen Elizabeth as their head of state.

WHEN: Monday, 4th of June and Tuesday 5th of June are “bank holidays“/ public holidays to us South Africans… so its a four day weekend. Are you jealous? I sure am.

Here is my breakdown of the events, there are plenty of official events lists elsewhere on the net, this is the interesting stuff:

2ND JUNE: The queen, an avid horse lover, has attended Epson Derby, the most prestigious horse race in Britain.


3RD JUNE: Everyday people will get together for The Big Jubilee Lunch, a meal shared among neighbours in the form of a traditional street party or small picnic. Meanwhile, the Queen will participate in the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, consisting of 1,000 boats from across the UK, the Commonwealth, and around the world. The Queen and Prince Phillip will be on the Royal Barge, the center of the flotilla.

The Big Julibee Lunch

The Royal Barge passes St. Paul’s Cathedral during the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant along the River Thames to Tower Bridge

4TH JUNE: (Today) The BBC is throwing a concert at Buckingham Palace, with tickets open to the public and kicking off at 7:30pm, London Time. The Queen and the other memembers of the royal family will enjoy music by sir Elton John, Annie Lennox, Paul McCartney and more.

Sir Elton John, on the line up for the concert

Annie Lennox – on the line up for the concert

Sir Paul McCartney, also on the line up for the big concert.

5TH JUNE: The big party ends with a day of celebrations in Central London. There will be carriage rides, a service at St. Paul’s, and an appearance at Buckingham Palace by the royal family at approximately 3:25pm London time – maybe Will and Kate might sneak another royal kiss again.

As you were Pouters!

*royal wave* 



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