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Exquisite Emma Covers Wonderland

This is no secret. I’m a huge Emma Watson fan.

Emma Wonderland 3Call it post-Potter syndrome if you will, but everything she does is proper. Emma receives no negative press. She is what most women should strive to be, a true lady with style, grace and elegance.Emma Wonderland 1

Emma appears on the cover page of the fashion edition of Wonderland and she is the guest editor of the February/March issue looking like she has just stepped out of a fairytale castle, donning a perfect petite tiara. Does she not just look so exquisite?Emma Wonderland 2

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Avril Lavigne Models Her New Line For 2012

Hiya Poutlings

The interwebs has been flooded with loads of pictures of Avril Lavigne wearing her new line of clothing, ABBEY DAWN for 2012. I must say, I’m impressed by some of the clothing, its unique, and I do like some of it. The shoes are WOW. I want some of these shoes. As some of you may be aware, I used to love Avril Lavigne, and parts me deep down inside still do, when she is not doing silly things, ahem, green hair, yes, I received a bit of slack about saying that it was a blonde move in the past about that, but I’m sorry, GREEN hair does not make a statement if your hair is naturally blonde, it looks like you’ve been swimming in chlorinated pools and well, AHEM, shaving one side of head which is all very blantant in these new promo images… I don’t care if you don’t like that I don’t like it, but really, I think it makes her stunning hair (when its not green…) LOOK LIKE SHITE.

…but try look past that, look at THE SHOES, and THE SKELETON DRESS. I want those. I do. hahaha.

But anywayyy… Here are some images of Avril wearing her new collection.

A penny for your thoughts?



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