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For The Love of Nail Art – By Vonimoller

Heya Poutlings!

I’m sure we can all agree that there is nothing better than well manicured nails!
Whether they have a clear coat of varnish on them or a beautiful French manicure or like the talented Vonimoller with her creative nail polish designs.


Vonimoller originally known as Siobhan Moller describes herself as a small town South African girl who is in love with nail polish.
Talented as she is, her frequent blog posts show some interesting designs along with some very creative designs.


Vonimoller does not only show you great ways to paint your nails, she gives brilliant tips on nail care as well. She uses various colours to keep her readers interested as well as various nail varnish brand names.

Vonimoller gives step by step instructions on how to create each look, making it simple and easy for us Pouters!

If you enjoy painting your nails and experiencing, do give her blog a read.
For The Love of Nail Art – By Vonimoller!


XoXo Megs!


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#DIY Bobby Pin Chevron Hair Style

Hiya Poutlings

Let’s be honest, sometimes the simplest ideas are the most inspiring, like this creative bobby pin placement paired with a side-bun. the V shapes remind me of birds in flight, lending a whimsical edge to the classic shape of an offset twist.


I saw this image on Pintrest and thought it was wow.
It will be a simple #DIY hair style to pull off!

Styles that are heavily weighed on the side can appear unbalanced, but the constrasting colour and interesting shape of this pin placement equalize the emphasis created by the dynamic knot.


Apply protective thickening lotion roots to ends and add defrizz serum to tips.


Pull hair back from the face and secure into a low ponytail. Wrap ends up and around, creating a loose, twisted bun. Secure with bobby pins.


Using a contrasting colour of bobby pins to make a row of chevrons. Black pins are a good choice for blondes; silver would be better for darker hair colours. Slide one pin in on a diagonal, then a second pin throigh the first the create a stabe v shape. Repeat uptil the desired pattern is created.

Send us pictures of your hair!



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PEPLUM, PEPLUM, PEPLUM… is such a fun word to say!

Hiya Poutlings!

Peplums are sweet and stylish and many times I’ve seen someone sporting one I’ve always thought, LOVELY ON HER but not for me… and you know, that really is a bunch of rubbish! Simply because one automatically thinks a peplum will accentuate the hips that is NOT neccessarily true…. 

Which is also true for the general public back in day, peplum was critized for being too dificult to pull off, now it has returned with a modern twist to become one of the hottest trends of the season and win hearts of many fashionistas worldwide.

Marchesa Spring Summer 2012

Badgley Mischka Spring Summer 2012

Peplum is simpler and more interesing now, it has transformed into a new, both bolder and more demure shapes and is no longer something to be scared of.

Peplums come on elegant dresses and jackets, girlie blouses and tops, eccentric pants and shorts and due to so many variations there are plentely of ways to wear them. However if you decide to try this trend, there are a few pointers to take into account for example the illusion peplum creates.

Peplums can have both a slimming and volumious effect, cover your problem areas and accentuate the assets. Here are some styling tricks to take into account:

  • To accentuate your waist, look for a peplum on a jacket that is short and sweet. It should end right above your hips. USE A BELT.
  • To add volume to your hips, wear a skirt or dress with peplum that is puffy and fancy and ends in the mid section of your hips.
  • To make your hips look narrower, opt for a sleek peplum with no volume which finishes after the widest area of your hips.
  • Minimize a large bust by wearing a skirt with a darker colour on peplum and a slightly lighter colour underneath.
  • Go for a total black outfit with a peplum, it will have the biggest slimming effect.
  • Avoid A-line skirts with peplums, only pencil skirts will work to balance your proportions right or you will end up looking like a bus… as my dear Sandylashxx says. hahaha.
  • The hem of your skirt or dress should hit above the knee and just bust below it. If you go for a longer design you will look shorter no matter how long those legs are because peplum tends to cut off the length of the legs.
  • Wear high heels with peplums to keep your proportions right, and there is never an excuse not to wear high heels, ladies!!

Do you have any other tips for pulling off this look? Please share in the comments.


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How to: Makeup Highlighting….

So, Poutlings have you discovered the one and only wonder that is highlighting your face with a dash of makeup here, a touch there to completely transform your look in just a couple of strokes by accentuating cheek bones and making your nose look smaller? If you haven’t I suggest you get your notepads out and start paying attention immediately!

Start by applying your foundation first after cleansing and moisturising your skin. This will help your skin have the smooth, translucent surface to apply your highligher.

If you look at the picture I added above, if you blur your eyes while looking at it, you will get the idea of what the finished product will look like, with highlighting and contouring. (This is highlighting/contouring with foundation, not powder like mentioned in my blog post below).

  • Using your powder brush, lightly apply highlighter to the area just above your cheekbones to enhance them and make them appear more prominent. The key is to apply highlighter with a light touch so that it doesn’t look harsh or obvious. Too much highlighter can make you look like a clown. Practice until you can apply it without leaving a border the size of the Zimbabwe one. Do you have a wide nose? Apply highlighter down the center of your nose and a darker shade of makeup subtly along the edges. If you have a weak chin, apply highlighter lightly to the tip of your chin to visually bring it forward, causing it to appear more prominent.
  • Highlighters comes in a variety of forms but for the highlighting beginner, I would suggest to use a powder form. It also tends to give the most natural look. To apply the the highligher to your face, I suggest using a large powder/ kabuki / blush brush.
  • Once you’ve applied highlighter above your cheekbones, apply a light application of blush directly to your cheekbones. Your cheekbones should appear more pronounced from the contrast of the colored blush next to the highlighter.
  • Now that you’ve contoured your face with highlighter and applied blush, lightly apply a layer of translucent loose powder over the entire surface of your face. This will reduce shine and help to set your facial contouring.

    You’re now ready to face the world with your freshly highlighted and contoured face.



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Hey Pouters on our Pout Perfection Blog.


Do you use white eyeliner? 

There are a few ways to using white eyeliner.  The most important tip I can give you from the get-go is well,  be realistic!  Does it make your eyes look droopy?  Glossy?   Perhaps too big?  If it doesn’t suit you, don’t use it.  Unless you don’t actually know how to apply it.

  • Eyeliner can be applied on the inner line of the eyes to make them look bigger.
  • Use white eyeliner on the inside of the eyes as mentioned above especially if you have deep-set eyes, oriental eyes  or just very small eyes. 
  • White eyeliner can be applied on the inner corners of the eyes and then blended.  This gives that “awake” and “pop”  look that makeup artists talk about.
  • White eyeliner is also used on the brow bone and blended.  This helps to accentuate a colour of an eyeshadow. 
  • White eyeliner should never be used alone on the lash line.   If you do want a strong white line on your lids, make sure you finish it off with black eyeliner closest to the lashes.    But, then again, this look is more for  photo shoots or runway looks.
  • If you have big eyes, avoid using white liner on the inside of your eye.  You’ll look like Droopy the Master Detective.

Look at this pic, she used the white eyeliner on the outer part of her inner eye line.  And finished it off with black towards the inner eye.  This is very clever and gives off a very sexy look to the eyes.  Try it out. 

An  America’s Next Top Model shows us here that when you have small eyes using white eyeliner can really do wonders to the eye.  It extends the “white” of your eyeball.  So it appears larger.  (Gosh, that sounds horrible! EYEBALL)   This is the ultimate purpose of white eyeliner as mentioned many times before. .

Same here with Lady Gaga’s eyes.  I don’t like her much, but her makeup here is brilliant and flawless.  See how the eye looks bigger with the white liner?  Then again, it is very neat!  Which is key!

Another example of the white harsh line.  This look only works for models or a photo shoot.  Don’t wear this look for any other reason.   Doesn’t matter how beautiful you think your eyes are.

This woman’s  makeup below is very dark, but that’s not only because of the eyeshadow itself, it’s because she has small deep-set eyes like I’ve mentioned before.  White liner would’ve helped her eyes to look a tad more alive and bigger.  Unless she wanted the dark look.  Then I guess my white liner tip can go fly out the door.

I’ve seen this far too many times.  Women line the inside of the eyes with white and then outside the bottom  lash line with black.  This droops the eye ladies.  Do you want your boobs to look droopy?  So why should your eyes???

Victoria Secret makeup shows us here how it’s done properly.  Keep it neat at the bottom.  Neutral browns for eyeshadow, shimmery tones for the brow bone  and accentuate those lashes with black mascara!  The trick here is falsies.  If you’re not used to falsies, then I suggest you buy the individual lashes and only stick them to the outer part of your lash line as to get used to it.  The best glue for lashes is DUO©. 

I hope these quick tips helped or just entertained you.




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