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Optiphi Refine-Foliant

A couple of weeks ago, at the wonderful #CptBloggerMeet, read what the lovely Leana had to say about the event here we were given the most fantastic goodie bags, one of the many products in these goodies bags was a tiny blue vile, which looks like its jumped out of a medical cabinet. This is the Optiphi Refine-Foliant.Optiphi Refine-Foliant

To make life easier, this is their website definition and instructions

Smooth Radiance Exfoliator

An active chemical exfoliant for smooth radiant skin, our triple advanced complex is designed to leave your skin looking toned, supple and refined.

Directions for Use:

Apply on face, neck & decollete.

Leave on for 5minutes, thereafter rinse well.

Avoid contact with eye

Now, the website doesn’t make mention of the little pro tips that the wonderful Optiphi reps told me (I love them, this was my second time meeting them!), so I’ll share my experience with you and the tips I picked up from the lovely reps!optiphi

I was told, once the bottle is open, there is enough for 2 applications; I felt like there was enough in the bottle for 3 applications but I smothered it on my face, and it felt like a watered down gel, and once that bottle is open you must use the refine-foliant within 7 days otherwise the active ingredients will not be as effective…  They also told me to cleanse my face before applying the refine-foliant, which makes sense but its not on the instructions 😉  I left mine on for 10 minutes because I’m a rebel… I then jumped in the shower and when I got out I couldn’t stop touching my skin after applying my normal toner and moisturiser. I am obsessed and I know, I shouldn’t be touching my skin so much but I don’t care…. it’s so smooth!

There is something special about using high quality skin care products that give an instant result; Optiphi, as always has never disappointed me and I will be buying more of this lovely refine-foliant for a monthly skin treat. It retails between R520 – R6540 and is available at selected salons and spas.

Be sure to check out their website; like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @optiphi for some other enticing skin treats, leave them a line and let them know we referred you!

x flea143

Disclaimer: as stated above I did not buy this product, however it was a gift from an event I attended – this has not altered my view of the product in anyway.


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BORN THIS WAY? Yes, Insecure to the Bone

Hiya Poutlings

I’m sure by now that most of you are aware that I’ve never ever bought into this women… For example, just two weeks ago she was banging on about the media hoo-ha of her weight gain, then she posted a series of photographs of her in her underwear (of doing sit-ups around the clock for a week) accompanied a “Body Revolution” campaign urging others to embrace their bodies. The mixed message of “embrace who you are” with “look I’m thin again” doesn’t agree with me… and I really do not give a shit if she DID suffer from bulimia and/or annorexia since she was a teenager, she has a social responsibility to fufil as her target market is a young generation with young minds, and I must be honest, I don’t believe the bullshit that comes out of her mouth anyway.

So she’s gone back to parading her bod as a matter of business, because frankly, her music is not her main business…. On Friday she went for lunch and Les Pirates, Juan Les Pins in the South of France in a bikini top/bra and denim shorts – so desperate for us to see that she’s toned up again.

I do not call this a Body Revolution, to me that is simply treating your body like a piece of meat. Oh yes, she likes to wear meat too…

I question the likes Yoko Ono and Oprah Winfrey praising Draga as a role model to misaligned youth. The message I’m receiving from Gaga is: Cover your body when it doesn’t meet your perception of society’s expection, then crash diet and compulsively exercise, and walk around half naked to prove that you’ve got a hot bod again.

As I’ve always believed, and it has now been proved yet again, she was in fact BORN THIS WAY, insecure!! She needs a warning label for the under 18s.

So anyway, Draga went back to her fail safe of early 2012 injecting the “Lady” back into her look for the launch of her ironical expensive hooker scent, Fame, at Harrods this weekend. Draga arrived to her appearance in a gold horse drawn carriage. Classy.

for this occassion, Lady Gaga got her RuPaul on with full length figure-hugging black dress, massive hair, winged Winehouse eyes and baroque horror claws… what the feck?


 I rest my case…

*proceeds to step off my Soapbox*



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