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Is it the 21st yet?  That’s when I’ll be on holiday baby!

Man, this day is taking forever…. I’d like to pack up my stuff and trot outta here.  But no, I’m stuck for a few more hours!  Talking about trot,  would you be able to actually take many steps with some of the outrageous designer shoes they’re making these days?

Some are just “photo shoot” shoes.  But you get women who actually want to be seen wearing wacky and not to mention über expensive designers shoes.  Plus, they actually WALK in them!  Look, I love my heels, but I gotta draw the line… Don’t “step over” the line my dahlings. 🙂

Let’s take a look at these shoes… Oh, and if they don’t pose a threat to your life, they’ll cause a nasty dent in your wallet!

Look, I understand one can only do so much regarding shoes and thinking out of the box is the only way to be noticed.  Only once you’ve taken that chance will you see if it worked or not.   It’s definitely giving us something to talk about. 

(Some of these shoes look like great tin/wine bottle openers.  As for the shoes with fur? SIS SIS SIS)

BTW, which shoe would you wear and which shoe wouldn’t you be caught dead in?

Lemme know….;)




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