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Breaking Dawn – Part 2: 150 Days to go…

Hey again Pouters

So do you know what tomorrow is? No? Not a very great Twilight fan then, are ya? Well apparently it’s Edward Cullen’s 111th birthday and in celebration, Summit Entertainment has decided it would be an awesome idea to release the newest “teaser” (FML, another “teaser”, kill me now) trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 2. If you feel like watching the old trailer again in the meantime, check it out below:

Also, Entertainment Weekly did a spread on the Breaking Dawn Part 2 , showing us Edward and Bella with their little girl, Renesmee, and isn’t it freaky just how much she looks like Rob and KStew?

150 days remaining little Twi-hards… are you ready?

♥ Marinda Liza♥

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