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Tyra Banks as Other Super Models

A few days ago, Tyra tweeted some professional pictures of herself portraying Cara Delevinge, Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss.

She described this venture on her Twitter feed as:

“I’ve put my own spin on #NYFW with a  tribute to some of the fiercest #SuperModels ever. Unretouched. Real. Raw.”

Mainly, these looks I believe were achieved with makeup, lots of it – its all the eyebrows – look closer!


Tyra Cindy

Tyra Cindy Crawford

As soon as these pictures hit the internet the trolls went on a ‘is this racist/not racist’ tangent, I believe we need to admire her bravery for attempting these. Respect for the fact that these people, fall into the same category as her – SUPER MODELS. I do not believe they were executed excellently but rather they sort of do the trick.  I am also not sure whether it was a good idea but its the thought that counts, right?


Tyra Cara Delevigne

To recreate these looks has taken not only talent from a makeup artistry front but rather that from a photographic perspective, the lighting is overall these 3 images not done too badly… apart from the Kate Moss “The Grudge” look a like picture (but let’s be honest the source and inspiration of this picture was from Kate’s heroin chic phase anyway – so bravo Tyra & Co??).


Tyra KateTyra Kate Moss

The press release gives the feeling that these 3 images are part of a 15 image series… I’m very curious to see the others and I will be sure to share these with you.

x flea143


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Top 10 Most Annoying People on TV

Don’t you just hate those girls that say “OH MY GAWD” for every little thing and the TV presenters that put on their super fake smiles that make you wanna cringe? Is there a specific person who irritates you so much that you wanna throw your supper at the TV? Well, I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I definitely have my fair share! So, for a little mid-week treat I’ve decided to list my top 10 most annoying people on TV, just for your pure enjoyment!

10) Liezl van der Westhuizen

 Now, it’s no secret that us here at Pout aren’t fans of Liezl (see Sandy’s SA celeb blog), but it’s not for no reason. Yes, I’m sure she is a lovely girl, but ever since that disastrous Idols season where Jason didn’t win, and then he did, I just can’t seem to stand the girl. It’s like when the cameras roll, her face goes into “Joker” mode and she starts reading the teleprompter like her life depends on it. She gives this tensed feel when she presents and just makes the person watching feel like grinding their teeth.

9) Debra Morgan from Dexter

OK, here I’m not sure if the actress is supposed to be annoying or stupid or not, so I’ll just say it’s Debra I can’t stand. Maybe it’s her face. Or the attitude. Or the way she pulls her face when she has an attitude that get to me, but either way, she’s bloody terrible and almost puts me off watching Dexter. Almost, but not quite.

8 ) Denise Richards

Words are not enough to describe my loathing of this woman. I think I watched her show on the E! channel once and it’s an hour I will never get back. If she’s not bitching about something, she’s talking about how thin and pretty she is throughout the show, making it feel like she’s trying to convince herself more than anything.

7) The Married to Rock girls: Etty, Susan, AJ and Josie

I’m not sure why they irritate me. Their faces don’t move much and I’m not sure if they’re in their mid-fifties trying to look twenty or in their mid-twenties trying to look… um twenty? I think the fact that I’m into the whole emo/scene thing and dating a rocker is the ultimate fantasy (OK, let’s be honest, the ones they are married to I’m not so sure of…), but they are everything I’ve grown up to believe rock is against. Cold, shiny, hard plastic (faces, boobs, etc), is just so wrong for the rock culture.

6) Joan Rivers

I just heard an outcry of pouters and I’m sure some of you are waving your fists at me, but Miss Rivers, to me, is one terribly, terribly annoying woman. Not only is that piercing voice enough to give me shivers (Shivers, Rivers teehee) but that plastic surgery and the fact that she bitches about what every person on the planet wears just drives me insane! I must say, her one liners are pretty funny sometimes though…

5) Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl

Yes, Serena has lovely blonde hair, the life we all want and the wardrobe we’d all die for, but is it just me or was there basically no purpose for this poor girl from season 2 onwards except her wardrobe? She breaks up with Dan and becomes the village bicycle only to cry whenever a dude dumps her and then goes to the next idiot (and none of them were ever good-looking really) who does the same thing. She makes girls look stupid and superficial.

4) The Second Ruby from Supernatural

She makes me think of Daffy Duck. Sorry, she just does. Not only did I like the blonde girl Ruby posessed more in Supernatural who actually reminded me a bit of a blonde Megan Fox, and not only did Ruby manipulate poor Sam with her demon blood, but this actress is actually married to Jared Padelecki (Sam) in real life! OK, so this one is a bit of a green monster. I apoligize! I guess it could have been worse, she could have been married to Jensen Ackles (Dean) instead, then I really would have had something horrible to say.

3) Tyra Banks

Not Tyra from America’s Next Top Model, because she is hosting something she knows there, but Tyra when she presents The Tyra Banks Show is like watching The Exorcist in a church. Tyra speaks to her guests like. they. are. reeeTARded. She proNOUNces. each. word. preCISEly. like. this. *insert hand movements here* ‘Nuff said.

2) Peter Ishkhans from Peter Perfect

The show is fabulous, I love Peter Perfect of the Style Network (read: LOVE!), but this boy is just too fabulous for his own good. He sings when he speaks, he prances around like a fairy and that accent is just too much to handle. He does so much wrong and is so annoying, but I don’t hate him one bit, because it works for him!

and the winners are….

1) The Kardashian Klan or Kult

“OH MY GAWWWD!” was probably invented by these girls and has been copied, mocked and/or abused by their followers and non-followers since. Us at Pout aren’t fans, as you can tell, and think the world should be Kleansed ASAP!

So, there you have it! This was fun. Now, I’m going to enjoy the rain. Have a lovely hump day further peeps, two more days till the weekend so get those Daquiris and girls’ nights ready and please, stay away from any of the TV shows involving any of the peeps above, for your own good!


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Tyra Reveals More Information on the 15th Season

Sandylash, my stunning co-bloggeress posted a while back about the hit TV series, America’s Next Top Model. About 3 weeks ago, Tyra Banks the host, possible creator (too lazy to google it so don’t hold me to it) and general entrepreneur of ANTM announced that the upcoming 15th season is going to be the “best” yet. The show follows the transformation of everyday American girls to aspiring models into potentially fierce super models or that would be the aim anyway! If you don’t know about the show, don’t bother reading on… I will bore you to sleep 🙂

The winner of the upcoming season will receive two spreads in Vogue Italia magazine and a breakthrough contract with IMG Models. The express how intense and what a breakthrough a contract with IMG Models is, Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss are currently signed with them.

As for the Vogue Italia feature, this was made possible when Tyra and magazine editor, Franca Sozzonni maintained a friendly relationship after Tyra agreed to be featured in the magazines July 2008 issue which only featured black models.

Tyra expressed that they are going to be looking for a winner that will have international appeal, and should be able to be featured in other markets other than just main stream American modelling but for the likes of Britan and France too.

Are you excited? I know Sandy is 😉 I am too!



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Makeup Mistakes: “WTF did I do wrong!?”

Scenario: You’ve put your face on and it looks great – there are no smudges or smears and you have no lipstick on your teeth, but you feel “off” with your game face on. It could possibly be that you have a foundation mismatch.

There are many reasons this may happen, I’ll just give the low down on the most common ones that I see often when doing makeup lessons with clients. When you bought this foundation, was there artificial lighting in the shop you tried it on and where did you test it to your skin? The most important thing before buying foundation is that there is sufficent lighting to see if the foundation matches your skin colour and try it on your cheek to see if it matches the colour of your neck. Don’t try the foundation on the back of your hand, as normally during the day you will wash your hands more often than your face, which makes your skin on your hands have a completely different texture and in some extreme circumstances a slightly different colour to your face as your hands are exposed to more UV light than your face is, which can make them darker and redder.

Finally, everyone has a unique skin tone that changes now and then for reasons including sun exposure and health conditions. Makeup houses manufacture a limited number of shades of foundation and its unlikely that many of them will exactly match your skin. But you can take steps to mitigate foundation mismatches:
• When shopping take the foundation as close to a window or door as possible so that you can see it in natural light. If you are stuck in a shopping mall and don’t have access make sure you go to where the big makeup houses are, the lights over their mirrors will be your best tester.
• Clean your face of all makeup and test the foundation on your cheek and jaw line rather than your hand.
• Experiment with different brands to find a shade that suits you well.
• Try a product that lets you blend your own custom shade.

Once your foundation is set, it’s time to add color, bronze your skin, blush your cheeks, colour in your eyes and make those lashes long!

If this post still doesn’t help you, stay tuned for more makeup mistakes series.

Until then, I leave you again with some celebrities that pissed their makeup artists off, yet again.

Tyra Banks.... So disappointed that she wore red eyeshadow.... come on Tyra, I had more faith in you than this! Note to anyone that wants to try red eyeshadow, DON'T. It will generally make you look tired or in Tyra's case demonic.

I love the enthusiam in the makeup but for anything other than a photographic shoot, Kelly Osbourne failed at makeup-life the day this was taken. Yet another demon celebrity! Her papa would be proud....

We all know Paris is a barbie, but she looks more plastic than usual and looks like what Barbie and Ken procreated with porcelain skin and nude lips...

Diana Ross shows how you paint by numbers...

Uma, never mind killing Bill. I think your makeup artist should be on your hitlist... They love powder so much they can't even dust it off!




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