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#DermalogicaSuccess Event

Hiya Poutlings

Anyone that has followed our blog for a while will know without a doubt, that I am not very loyal to my makeup brands simply because there are TOO many I LOVE, but I am so loyal to MY skincare brand, Dermalogica.

I was thrilled when I was invited to this very special lunch event on Monday afternoon at the Westin, Cape Town which featured the 2 founders of Dermalogica and the masterminds behind the products and education. We started off with a gorgeous lunch, then proceeded to watch and listen to the very inspiring people on the stage.


Ray & Jane Wurwand

This is a power couple of note, who are seriously passionate about what they do. That passion and vision is evident in their product, Dermlaogica. They founded Dermalogica in the 1980s. Jane noticed a lack of results driven products in the marketplace and decided to do something about it.

The very first thing that set Dermalogica apart from many exisiting skincare ranges was the ingredients that they used in their products, which seems silly now but as Jane so aptly explained it – in the ’80s it was all about having pink products for oily skin, green products for combination, etc.

Dermalogica’s stance of using artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, S.D. alcohols, lanolin or mineral oils that other companies were using really set them apart from the rest of the cosmetic industry at the time, simply put they insisted on much higher quality ingredients – ones that would rather help your skin than harm it.

Even back in the ’80s (before I was born) the FDA in the States required products to be listed on retail items, Dermalogica were the pioneers in placing ingredient listing onto their professional products which logically, makes even more sense than having the ingredients listed on retail products as the skin therapist can know exactly what she is putting on your skin.

Fun facts about this power couple:

  • Ray Wurwand is South African, he grew up in Worcester and went to UCT.
  • Ray and Jane both lived in Cape Town,  before emigrating to the states, Jane worked in skincare while she lived here.
  • Jane is passionate about social media and you can follow her on Twitter @Dermalogicajane
  • They have two children, both girls.
  • Their business philosophy on coping with a hectic work life and home life is inspiring “It’s not about balance, it’s about resilience.”

“Chanel is a company I admire. They are modern yet have stayed true to who they essentially are.” – Jane Wurwand

Doctor Diana Howard & Annet King

Doctor Diana Howard is the vice president of research and development at Dermalogica and is the most interesting scientist I’ve come across in a while. Annet King is the director of global education. They were both there to shed some light on their latest product launching in South Africa in August, Dermalogica Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum.

Doctor Diana Howard shed some light on how more effective a serum is around the eye area, rather than a cream as a serum is generally a thinner substance. By virtue and the nature of the substance you get higher concentrations of actives and get them to go into your skin quickly and effectively. Serums also deposit concentrated doses of active ingredients and nutrients on the skin. They are the fastest growing category as consumers seek to aggressively address the signs of skin aging.

Annet King added that its great for reducing “puffiness” and waking up the eyes in the morning or even as a mid day pick-me-up as she described using it over her makeup after hours of sitting in front of the computer, she also mentioned that she wears more makeup than a drag queen, so – she’s one of us pouters! 😉

I will be sure to review the product in full detail for you, as I was utterly spoilt and got my own Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum to take home to try – you will all have to wait for August till you can get your paws on it too.


A little history on my love affair with Dermalogica
I first encountered Dermalogica when I was a spotty faced arrogant teenager and first started going to a salon close to my home, called the Coliseum, in Johannesburg in the early 2000’s. This salon, was of course, the salon I religiously went to for years upon years of skin treatments – I fell in love with how my skin felt after a facial… however I could not afford the products, and still being in school my mother laughed at the prices and would rather send me for facials instead so every time I went to the Coliseum I would simply swoon at the products on display.
Roll on about 7 years later and I was turning 21, in 2011. I was a bit depressed, felt a bit old, and my skin was in a BAD condition. My amazing skin therapist in Johannesburg Nathalie slowly got me buying the products one by one, (one a month to be precise) and voila, I was in a whirlwind romance with this brand and all the great stuff it does for ones skin. I promise, my product reviews are coming one day… soon….. if someone can give me about 5 hours extra day! lol

thank you Dermalogica for such a wonderful day at the Westin!

x missfitz


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