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Things I Learnt at IMATS London 2013


a very belated, hello dear readers

Hiiii, I'm in London!!

Hiiii, I’m in London!!

As some of my Twitter/Instagram followers may know, I recently went on a quick trip to the United Kingdom for a little bit of business and a lot of pleasure. The business part being a trip to IMATS, The International Makeup Artist Trade Show which has six worldwide shows annually and the nearest one I could visit from South Africa was the London show which took place of the weekend of 21 – 23 June at the Olympia Hall, Kensington. The pleasure part being – FAMILY time, shopping time and some site seeing!20130622_114120


Back to the subject at hand – IMATS! Logistically, travelling to London from South Africa is quite an expensive deal, there are flights, accommodation, meals, transport and spending money involved in doing a trip and it wasn’t as simple as just deciding on a whim to go to the show, even though that is how I run my life, but I wouldn’t suggest anyone to do it that way…. lol – be organised, not like me.


Pre-booked one day tickets to show where £55 (roughly R825) and tickets at the door were £60 (roughly R900) – ouch right? For a makeup show that seems to me to be quite a steep price. The entrance to the show did not grant you any freebees, but you could walk around to all the brands and purchase, ask questions and speak to the brand ambassadors for more information on new products. Most of the products on sale were specially reduced to SHOW-ONLY prices, but everything certainly adds up, especially because you cannot help but want to buy everything. I mean EVERYTHING.


There were also speakers on the entire weekend. There were so many keynote speakers, mainly involved in prosthetics which I simply didn’t have the time to watch, but the first speaker I managed to catch was Einat Dan, who is fashion makeup artist who is involved in beauty and body painting, her career extends to campaigns for houses such as Valentino, Fendi and more. Who was utterly fascinating, she happens to have her own line of brushes – m.i.a. by Einat Dan.


I was lucky enough to catch the end of Lan Nguyen’s stage time, someone who I was not all too familiar with before IMATS. This remarkable artist works with A-List celebrities such as the Sugababes, Clare Maguire, Escala and Kimberly Wyatt. She has written a book, Makeup is Art, in collaboration with the Academy of Freelance Makeup.


I managed to catch Kevin James Bennett, one of my personal makeup idols who has been involved in the makeup industry for almost three decades and is responsible for lots of the behind the scenes craft in the evolution of the professional makeup scene over this time span.


So, that being said… this is what I learnt at IMATS….

  1. Everything worth having when it comes to good quality, is expensive.
  2. Quality over quantity.
  3. Less is not necessarily more.
  4. Makeup is like a religion, it brings people from all different walks of life together. I am grateful for the wonderful artists I had the privilege of meeting at the show.
  5. One brush set will NEVER satisfy my brush addiction. I want at least one of every single brush made, EVER.
  6. Smaller cult brands rule!
  7. Although South Africa is slowly becoming more up to date on some quality products, we are really lacking behind in some of the really amazing products the world has to offer.
  8. Makeup weighs a lot, and if you travel to IMATS do not over-buy as excess luggage is not cheap.
  9. Brands which embrace and introduce people to try their products will always be more attached to their consumers heart and purse strings.
  10. Cruelty free products are on the rise, and its good to see such a huge consumer demand for such products.

I will in due course be showing my small haul I bought at IMATS London 2013…


I would recommend this show, but only to a beauty professional…. a makeup artist or a retail specialist. The reason being that it is a trade show, and for the price as a general consumer, I believe you could 100% spoil yourself just as well at any makeup store and get quality advice.


That’s all for now… I may still write on the keynote speakers or new brands (new to me) or I may not. It all depends on what the future holds.

xo missfitz


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Coming live to you from Buckingham Palace in 3D on Christmas Day

Hiya Poutlings

and more specifically to our UK Readers…

If you want to scare the bejaysus out of your drunken Uncle or other crazy relative on Christmas day then please be sure to put the Queen’s speech on the tele which this year is going to be be in 3D.


I can think of nothing more frightening than Her Royal Highness and her perm beaming into your lounge to rattle on about what an “annus horribilis” the past year wasn’t while the United Kingdom sits there jerking and twitching as their tired, food and probably drink-overlaid synapses fight to protect them from being poked in the eye by the Buckingham Palace Christmas tree.

If they’re going to to that route, they really ought to look into broadcasting Harry’s Vegas naked pool billiards footage in 3D instead of Her Majesty emotionlessly reading some speech someone else wrote through her British stiff upper lip off an auto-cue. By the way, read all about the British forces giving Harry a naked salute here *clickety click*

Now, that is my idea of entertainment. If this becomes a reality please be sure to let me know when, and I will ensure that I am back home to watch that in 3D.

The rest of us in South Africa will no doubt, be able to watch the Queen’s speech on SkyNews on DSTV… fortunately or unfortunately not in 3D.


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Hiya Poutlings…

As I am Pout Perfection‘s only royal, haha, just kidding, British blogger 😉 I thought it was my royal duty to shed some light on the current royal pageantry going on in the UK at the moment. As, just speaking to a work colleage I was shocked that they didn’t know it was currently the Diamond Jubilee!!

Shock!! Horror!!

The Diamond Jubilee is another way to say it has been a whole 60 years since Queen Elizabeth || became queen. Technically, it kicked off on the 6 February, 2012, 60 years since her father died in 1952 and so replaced him as the monarch at the age of 25, but the main event started on this past Saturday.


Queen Elizabeth || is only the second British monarch to reach 60 years on the throne. Back in 1897, when Queen Victoria marked the same anniversary, she was much weaker, having to celebreate the Julibee service from her open carriage sitting outside of St. Pauls Cathedral. If you know little abpout Queen Elizabeth ||, you’d likely recognize her in bright coloured outfits and big hats still visiting crowds of people at the age of 86. She’s not slowing down for the current Central Weekend, which includes celebrations across the UK and Commonwealth for the queen’s 60 year rule, from Saturday 2 June, til Tuesday 5 June.

If you want to follow along at home here is what you should know. You might even consider throwing a Diamond Jubilee party, complete with Corgis, favours and tea.

WHO: The royal family and commoners alike.

WHAT: Street parties, a concert at Buckingham Palace, a flotilla pageant down the Thames and more!

WHERE: In London, across the UK, and throughout the Commonwealth, the group of nations formally belonging to the British Empire, some of which still have Queen Elizabeth as their head of state.

WHEN: Monday, 4th of June and Tuesday 5th of June are “bank holidays“/ public holidays to us South Africans… so its a four day weekend. Are you jealous? I sure am.

Here is my breakdown of the events, there are plenty of official events lists elsewhere on the net, this is the interesting stuff:

2ND JUNE: The queen, an avid horse lover, has attended Epson Derby, the most prestigious horse race in Britain.


3RD JUNE: Everyday people will get together for The Big Jubilee Lunch, a meal shared among neighbours in the form of a traditional street party or small picnic. Meanwhile, the Queen will participate in the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, consisting of 1,000 boats from across the UK, the Commonwealth, and around the world. The Queen and Prince Phillip will be on the Royal Barge, the center of the flotilla.

The Big Julibee Lunch

The Royal Barge passes St. Paul’s Cathedral during the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant along the River Thames to Tower Bridge

4TH JUNE: (Today) The BBC is throwing a concert at Buckingham Palace, with tickets open to the public and kicking off at 7:30pm, London Time. The Queen and the other memembers of the royal family will enjoy music by sir Elton John, Annie Lennox, Paul McCartney and more.

Sir Elton John, on the line up for the concert

Annie Lennox – on the line up for the concert

Sir Paul McCartney, also on the line up for the big concert.

5TH JUNE: The big party ends with a day of celebrations in Central London. There will be carriage rides, a service at St. Paul’s, and an appearance at Buckingham Palace by the royal family at approximately 3:25pm London time – maybe Will and Kate might sneak another royal kiss again.

As you were Pouters!

*royal wave* 



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