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Silly girls, selfies and duck faces

Hello Poutlings

Hope you’re all having a fantastic week so far.

Well, today I need to vent, talk, discuss, debate… choose whichever is applicable… and this one topic has been discussed before too… the duckfaces…

Ladies, please, PLEASE … I promise you, no matter how sexy you think you look, or want to look… doing this…


Also, doing this…

The V-Pout or Peace-Pout

Makes you look stupid!


You might as well get a pair of these to match your lips if you’re gonna do that in every photo taken of you…

Now girls, there is a rising amount of SELFIES on all the social networks these days. What are selfies?

Well according to my favourite dictionary: Selfies:   pictures taken of oneself while holding the camera at arms length.

It’s ok if you do it once or twice every now and then, because you can, and yes you are pretty, but for goodness sake girls, don’t do a whole photo shoot. IF you really want to do a photo shoot, go to a photographer and strut your stuff in front of their lens.

And ladies, please, please! If you do take selfies, and you are under the age of 18 PLEASE DO NOT DO IN YOUR UNDERWEAR!  I know the “legal” ag nowadays is 16 (what has this world come too) … but goodness have some self respect. Taking selfies in your lingerie and sending it off to some sleazy facebook group or competition, believing it will give you “exposure” for some talent scout or model scout… come on…. let’s get real here…. it aint gonna work!

click to enlarge

If you want to become a model, it will take hard work, dedication and a decent portfolio to get you what you want to achieve.

Not selfie blackberry pictures.

Now I hope this issue has been cleared up.
Have a pouty perfect day!


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