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Victoria Beckahm Graces The Cover of Vogue

Vicky Beckham looks as stylish as always as she appears on the cover of Vogue Australia September 2013. The designer dishes on her husband, David, what its like to Vicky B and her everyday life and her first fashion collection presentation.

Vogue Australia Cover September 2013

“Everyone would file in and act so inscrutable. I’d think, ‘Um, did anyone like it?’ No one would say anything, so I’d gabble to fill the embarrassing silence – even to the Japanese, who didn’t understand a word I was saying.”

Well, despite the silence to begin with Victoria has been given the ultimate praise from celebrities who have chosen to wear her designs. The ten piece line of midi length dresses was fit for businesswomen as well as A-listers and would take the wearers from day to night. From then on she made it clear that she is not going to stop anytime soon presenting one collection after another in New York every season and gaining an extensive clientele.Vogue China Cover June 2013

She also appeared on the cover of Vogue China in August 2013 and scooped The Glamour Women of the Year award in Jyne. She’s launched an e-commerce site with the Icon collection and a new pre-fall 2013 line of handbags. Besides the business she has also got herself the cutest bulldog, called Coco Beckham.

Can this woman do no wrong in my eyes? Yes! But, just look at her! Aah, *swoon* I think the latest glossy covers show her maturity, but she looks elegant.

x @flea143

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Fade to Pale : Victoria Beckham

Hi Poutlings!

Vicky Beckham, my favourite Spice Girl has evolved quite a bit since her days as Posh. In fact, her skin colour is practically unrecognizable now… in a very good way!!

50 shades of Victoria Beckham... ok, not quite, just a few! lol

50 shades of Victoria Beckham… ok, not quite, just a few! lol

Of course, her past signature looks like the angular bob and over-sprayed tanned skin, weren’t exactly career ruining for her exceptional style, but what I like is that she looks like a normal human now. And she agrees! She told Hello! Magazine:

“I don’t wear fake tan anymore,. Sometimes I’ve been turned orange but that’s definitely a look from my past. Being overly tanned is very aging and, dare I say it, a bit footballer’s wife. Embrace your natural colour!”

I totally agree, and I’m ahead of her on this, I’m pale, I’m ok with it. I’m actually deathly afraid of the sun… I believe sun damage is not something to be taken lightly, and I really don’t like the orange look. By the way, I love her tongue in cheek comment about the footballer’s wife look! I suppose it’s ok to say that, when you are in fact, a footballers wife?

What are your thoughts?

x missfitz


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Victoria Beckham Launches Capsule Collection

Hiya Poutlings! ❤

Victoria Beckham is to launch a capsule collection called Icon featuring the selected reworked designs from her archive collections starting from Spring/Summer 2009 season. The line of seven Beckham dresses coveted by fashionistas around the world will start at £1,000 or roughly R14,000.

Together with my personal edit of the spring/summer 2013 collections, I wanted to be able to offer an exclusive product on the site that was in keeping with the signature aesthetic that’s very special to me, I introduced Icon in response to requests for designs from as far back as my first collection from customers, and I wanted to find a way to offer them key dresses from the archive, but in newly-reworked colours and fabrics.. I hope these updated styles will become unique, limited edition pieces and am excited to revisit other archive designs as the Icon collection continues to grow.NEW ICON RANGE - VICTORIA

The dress that was unveiled as the broke is this navy and spearmint frock inspired by Victoria’s Spring/Summer collection. It will be interested to see what other dress will make it to the Icon collection… are you feeling this one? I don’t know if I like it or not. It may grow on me… maybe?


Meanwhile Victoria showed both her collection at NYFW. The main line textures and colour blocks while Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection is about layers and versatile pieces, which I think I prefer to the first Icon collection piece…

I’m really excited about this collection, it’s effortlessly cool and easy and we’ve developed a lot of textures, it looks like there’s a lot of layers. The idea is that you don’t have to think about it. It looks like two pieces – jumpers and skirts – but it’s just one piece and you can just zip yourself up and off you go.

Be sure to check out Vicky’s website for the new ecommerce website and new pieces of Icon collection.

x missfitz

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Some VB Nostalgia

Hiya Poutlings

…as any of our regular readers would be aware, I love Victoria Beckham. It all stemmed from my deep undying love for all things Spice Girls and she had to be the best out of all them because she married David Beckham. Posh & Becks, aah, equals ♥love♥ in my eyes.

I read her first autobiography years ago, its at my parents house on my old book shelf – not sure if she has got a new one out, I will have to look – in that book there were loads of pictures of her growing up and when I stumbed across these on my hard drive it clicked. Does she not look the same now that she did when she was 18??



Proof that not only is this woman amazing, business driven and successful she has discovered the fountain of youth somewhere and is not sharing that information with us!

x missfitz


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The Beckhams will not be “Slumming It” Now They are Back in the UK

Hiya Poutlings


I happen to follow a lot of the UK news, through SkyNews and online…. and I also happen to love the Beckhams, so forgive my obsession and constant postings on them.

There has been a lot of speculation recently about where the Beckhams are going to make their base now that they’ve left America and are back in the UK.


Yesterday, The Mirror reported that this house in south London is where they’ll be calling home.

"Beckingham Palace" in Hertfordshire

“Beckingham Palace” in Hertfordshire

But, in fact, a top-notch source online has been speculating that Beckham boys – Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz – have all been enrolled at a fee-paying school (South African’s read PRIVATE school) near the £18 million “Beckingham Palace” in Hertfordshire that they have owned since 1999 and that’s where they’ll be resting their heads most of the time whilst in England.


I suspect that they’ll use the central London ome as a crash pad when either David or Vicky have late night events in the British Capital and need to be up early or have a place that’s handy when Vikcy needs to leave the “office” and change for an evening event.

Aaah, to be rich like them.


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