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Bridesmaid Bummer

FYI: This post is sort of not safe for work unless if looking at backsides all day is acceptable and/or not really frowned upon. You never know, but just a friendly warning. BUM2

If you’re getting married in the foreseeable future, have you chosen your bridesmaids yet? Be sure to choose wisely, there are a couple considerations to take into account who are your closest female friends who would be willing to help you hold your dress when you need to pee, who will let you be a diva when necessary but who will kick you back into place when you’re being unnecessarily diva-like and most importantly who can drop it like its hot and squats until their bum is rock hard. You may think I’ve lost the plot, but you see if you spend as much time as me on the internet you will see that left, right and centre everyone is sharing this new trend of the bridesmaids (and sometimes the bride) hiking their dresses up for a “fun” shot in a Charlie’s Angels-esque posed photograph. Continue reading


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Themed Weddings : Shrek & Fiona

…because true love means never having to say you’re sorry, or you know, justifying your weird obsession with the childrens movie “Shrek”. Jersey (as in the beautiful Isle of Jersey, not the state/shore in the USA/on MTV) couple Paul and Heidi Bellas got married as Shrek and Fiona from “Shrek”.

Shrek and Fiona

The pair got the idea – and presumably the buckets of green finger paint from their son Leo.

“The essence that is Shrek represents true love, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, if the love is there then that is what it is about.” said Paul.

The couple had to get special permission to get wedded in face paint. Jersey law requires couples getting married need to be identified.

I am truly happy for these two. Clearly, you have met your soulmate if you can somehow find the only other person in the world that wants to get married as “Shrek”. Just in case you were worried that these two would be ridiculed by their family and friends during the ceremony, the rest of the wedding party was dutifully dressed as fairytale characters too.

“I was standing at the altar, there were only three guests in the room and they were dressed up, as the lift opened these people started to sit down but there was one dressed as a Flinstone with big feet.”

Amazingly (sadly), this isn’t the first couple to get married as “Shrek”. In 2009, Christine and Keith England also said their wedding vows as Fiona and Shrek.

Let’s hope they live happily ever after.

x missfitz


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Weddings : Geek is Tres Chic

Hi Pouters!

As a sometimes wedding photographer and like an average female I get excited at the prospect of looking at some really unique and interesting wedding themes and photographs.  Nicole Lisanne Weddings and Events by Design styled a specific geek wedding theme called GEEK IS TRES CHIC.

They fell in love with the idea of the scientific geek wedding theme because of the incorporation of a lot of glass elements such as beakers, petri dishes, test tubes, eye droppers, which would all have very good light-catching elements, all of these scientific elements were sourced from laboratory supply houses so that they would be 100% authentic.

Acrylic compartmentalized trays held little silk buggies with pins stuck through them, to make a fabulous but geeky table runner under our centerpieces. The table number was named after the most famous scientific equation ‘E=MC2,’ and was affixed to a tall self-standing magnifying glass sourced from the Z Gallerie. Menus tucked into each place setting were in the format of a scientific hypothesis ‘If first course, then second course, then cake and dancing!

source: Wedding Chicks.

When the guests arrived they were able to sign in at the Periodic Table of Elements! So unique. I wish who ever they are many happy years together!




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Tying the Knot in 2012

Hiiii Pouters!

So, seems like everyone is getting engaged left right and centre in Hollywood, it’s all over the media! So, who is actually planning on getting married in 2012?


After four years of dating, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have decided to tie the knot. JT proposed over the holidays while on a ski trip in Wyoming. According to Billboard, he got down on one knee in the mountains, because he knows how much Biel loves them. The pair has yet to set a date.


On Monday, January 2, 2012, Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin got engaged to her longtime love, Willie Wilkerson. The two are considering a June or July wedding.


LeBron James proposed to longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson on New Year’s Eve during a celebratory dinner. The couple already has two children, LeBron Jr. who is 7 years old and Bryce who is 4 years old, who were on hand to celebrate.


After dating for three years, Michael Jordan put a ring on Yvette Prieto’s finger over the Christmas weekend. This will be Michael’s second marriage. The couple is still deciding on a date.


63-year-old Steven Tyler is planning to tie the knot with 38-year-old Erin Brady. Steven proposed with a five-carat engagement ring over the Christmas weekend, and already participated in a pre-marriage blessing in Hawaii.


Matthew McConaughey rang in the new year by putting a ring on Camila Alve’s finger. The couple already have two children, Levi who is 3 years old and Vida who is 2, and are ready to start their life together as a married couple.


Country star Wynonna Judd is engaged to her man of two years, Cactus Moser. Moser proposed on Christmas Eve. This will be Wyonna’s third trip down the aisle.


In November 2011, Anne Hathaway said “yes” to her boyfriend of three years, Adam Shulman. Anne is keeping her wedding plans quiet, but one thing’s for sure, she deserves a happy ending!


Former ‘Malcom in the Middle’ star Frankie Muniz is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Elycia Turnbow. After four years of dating, and popping the question, he announced his engagement on Twitter.


In the autumn of 2011, Kaley Cuoco’s fiancé, Josh Resnik, popped the question during a quiet date night at home. The 25-year-old star of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ told People that they are very happy and excited to plan their wedding, though they have not yet set a date.

Did you get engaged over the festive season?



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Say Yes To The Iconic Dress!

Aloha my Pretty Pouters!

So, in the spirit of Edward and Bella’s nupitals, I’ve decided to compile yet another list of my favourite wedding dresses, but this time it’s the timeless dresses that take the spotlight. These are dresses that are garranteed hits and won’t be the ones that make you cringe in a few years time…

Grace Kelly

Audrey Hepburn

Gene Tierney

Lauren Bush

Princess Anne

As for Mrs Bella Cullen’s dress, it is still MIA on the internet for now but I promise to do a blog on it as soon as it’s out there for me to find and do research on it. I could however, dig up this lil pic…

Not that it helps much – or at all for that matter!

Anyway beautiful Pouters, I hope you all had an awesome weekend and have a lovely Monday further…
Peace and Love xoxox


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