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Hey there sexy people!

Are you feeling sexy? Are ya? If not, I have three products that will definitely make you feel like a million bucks without having to spend a million.

Firstly, to feel amazing, you need beautiful hair. As you may or may not know, I’m not someone who easily trusts a hairdresser or hair salon. Last year I went for a “treatment” which in hindsight made no difference. But today I finally became a fan of a salon and a hairstylist. Thank goodness! If you live in Pretoria, please please visit THE SALON at Woodlands Mall.

why do I love it?: 1) It’s an amazing salon, it’s modern, classy, clean and the people are fantasticly friendly and inviting. 2) It sells and uses PAUL MITCHELL products. We all know that it’s of high quality, not the cheapest, but it’s definitely going to give you the best looking locks. 3) PAUL MITCHELL does not test on animals! So if this high end salon and product believes in protecting fur babies, why can’t others follow suit? 4) They don’t force you to buy products when paying.

I went for a treatment, cut, blow wave which costed me R700,00. I also bought a ‘Seal & Shine thermal protection and conditioner spray. (As seen in the picture below). Its purpose is to protect your hair from the heat of your hair dryer or straightner. That cost R230,00. So all together it came to R930,00. That may seem expensive, but I needed a treatment and I have very long hair. Plus, I bought the spray. It’s so worth it. They will be seeing me again and I hope YOU too!


Secondly, in order to get to that hair salon, you need to have smooth sexy feet. A few days ago, I visited THE BEAUTY FACTORY. This is another store you should shop at! Its products are made in SA and it’s also a cruelty free brand. The VÀO FOOT THERAPY exfoliating heel scrub and balm have given me soft, smooth feet.
why do I love it?: 1) It smells amazing. 2) Quick and easy to use. 3) Comes with a foot shaped foot pumice. 4) Will literally give you silky soft feet in under 5 minutes.

This was a free gift, because I had purchased other products over R350,00. However, I will keep buying this foot scrub in the future once it’s finished.


Thirdly, I’m sure you’ve already read my post on the amazing BB CREAM. If not, please do! WHAT IS BB CREAM For R180,00 you can have amazing looking skin! Believe me, I tried it today and I looooved it. The cream is white at first, but it blends in with your own skin tone. It literally changes color as you rub it into your skin.

why I love it?: 1) It’s truly a miracle cream. If you have good skin or if you’re not a big wearer of foundation, this product is for you! But, if you into makeup, this can act as an amazing primer. 2) It’s not that expensive. Ok, it’s only 25ml, but it’s not something you need to apply a lot of. 3) It can help with imperfections, scars, marks, age spots and more. 4) It comes in 3 ‘colors’. From light (1) to dark (3).

Hope you enjoyed the product review..




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