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Krapdashians White-Wash Fakery in New Christmas Card!

Hiya Poutlings

As you know, we are not fans of the Kardashians, Krapdashians. So please set your eyes to roll while reading this post. It’s the fakest, fakery of fake celebrities – The Krapdashians – in their all white and silver 2012 holiday photo card.

kardashian kristmas

This year, the Krapdashians went all out trying to really bring the fake, looking like they actually like one another and they are content people.

The following may or may not need to be brought to your attention:

– Kris Jenner is toasting her forthcoming freedom from Bruce, the spin-off show chronicling the divorce, KRIS TAKES BRUCE TO JUDGE JUDY and her new show entitled, Kris takes Adderall.

– Khloe, Lamar and Kendall (only two of thses people appear to have real jobs) were photoshopped in due to work commitments and seem the most actually happy out of the bunch as a result.

– The tree people most likely to jump ship, Bruce, Scott and Lamar have been corralled into the middle in case they try escape with Mason, while Kourtney is distracted offering baby Penelope Scotland to the alter of fame.

-Rob seems utterly delighted with himself and his sock empire, while his on screen buddy has opted to go NAKED about the ankles.

-Kim hasn’t be able to convince her stylist boyfriend Kanye to particiapte so instead brings her cat as a date. The ironically named, Mercy has since left this planet. Where is Kanye, is there trouble in K-paradise?



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#ImDreamingOf … Illamasqua… or NOT.


British beauty brand Illamasqua, which I love by the way, but not right now, offers this week’s racist blunder :  the above advert, featuring the holiday themed hashtag #ImDreamingOf, the slogan I’M NOT DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS, and the slogan’s implication… a person in blackface. Presumably, this was not looked over by anyone before landing on Facebook.

The image sparked an immediate outcray in the comment thread and the post has been subsequently removed. If you visit their Facebook page now, you’ll see neither the image nor an apology.

Since this is a post on blackface, I’d like to preemtively welcome the 2-5% of new commenters who happen to appear out of the woodwork everytime we post something racist and insist that the offending this is, in fact, not racist, and we (Pout Perfection, feminists, women, South African’s, housewives, everywhere) do not condone this advert.

When will everyone everywhere finally catch on to the fact that blackface is never, under any circumstances, a good idea.



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