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Madame Zingara Miracle Tour

What did you do this weekend?

I had an absolute ball at the Theatre of Dreams.

The Theatre of Dreams

The Theatre of Dreams

some history:

Madame Zingara was founded in 2001 by Richard Griffin, it was a quirky 80-seater restaurant in the heart of Cape Town’s city centre. It was well known for its outlandish glitter-dusted service and Richard’s whimsical culinary creations.

Madame Zingara

After 5 successful years, disaster struck and the restaurant was burnt to the ground. The Zingara team didn’t let a fire stop them from shining and the Theatre of Dreams was born, a travelling dinner-cirque extravaganza which is housed in one of the last antique mirror tents in the world. The cast and crew have played to full houses in the major cities of South Africa and won many awards and titles along the way.

This year, Madame Zingara has returned to Cape Town will full force and is situated at the heart of the city, V&A Waterfront.

So, enough on the history lesson and let me tell you about my experience.

I had only ever heard about Madame Zingara from people in passing, and only ever taken away from those conversations that the show was “MINDBLOWING“, and “AMAZING“. When my friend asked me if I would be interested in going, I said yes. I did not know what it involved, but purely went by word of mouth…. by the way – SO GLAD I DID.

Madame Zingara

From the moment you walk outside of the Theatre of Dreams, you can sense in your bones that something amazing is going to happen. You don’t know what, but you can just feel it. All the guests that have been before are dressed up, wigs, feather boas, extravagant makeup and fabulous outfits. You do not have to dress up, you can dress down too, or you could even go as a clown… anything goes. In a way, its a great representation of Cape Town’s vibrance as a whole. I went with a group of friends, we were a table of 13. We kept on getting told by various waiters that we were one of the youngest tables there, and they encourage “misbehaving”. No one needs to tell me to misbehave twice – it is one of my many skills.

An absolute assault on your senses.

While waiting for the theatre to open you can get drinks, chat with the cast members, in character of course, and take pictures with the wonderful props they have outside. Giant lollipops, Flamingos, Hearts, anything you wouldn’t normally associate with a classy night out, is there, being damn classy. Seriously.


I will not go into to much detail, however, the costumes and makeup alone make the show worthwhile, but if sparkles are not your thing then the show is fantastic, the local artists are wonderful and the international artists are mindblowing at what they do. You may shudder in fear for them every now and then being worried that something might happen because at times it seems like what they are doing is not possible with a human body… but clearly it is and you’ve just been doing it wrong in the past.

madame zingara

The staff were all spectacular, dressed in their own outfits and makeup that was seriously impressive…  every single Pout Perfection reader would be proud. The food was divine… Delicious four course meal was a perfect accompanant to the show. The service was seriously impressive! Fast, efficent and with a bit of humour on the side. (I utterly wish that the rest of Cape Town could take lessons on how to service clients from the Madame Zingara team).

Madame Zingara

The show at the V&A Waterfront opened on 17 January and runs nightly fro Tuesday to Sunday until the end of March. Ticket prices range from R385 to R475, dependant on where you sit. No online bookings are accepted. Visit http://theatreofdreams.madamezingara.com/ for more information.

Be sure to follow them on

Madame Zingara – Facebook

@Madame_Zingara – Twitter

Madame Zingara Web

Madame Zingara

There is a reason that it is always booked out so quickly. I hope to one day be able to go back and experience Madame Zingara. Thank you, to each and every person involved in getting this show together, it was truly an eye-opener to the amazing organisation we can put together when it is managed correctly and something that should inspire every South African production.

x missfitz

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Good morning Pouters!

I’ve seen LEGO used in multiple ways as growing up with a LEGO nut in the family can teach you a thing or two about what you can actually do with a couple of bricks. I never really thought I’d see the bricks used as a wig, and for that I have to thank artist and designer Elroy Klee.

Elroy designed these stunning wigs for an advertising campaign called “Mindplay: Bricks on Me”, his high concept LEGO wigs were worn on the top of skullcaps and wach was custom made to fit the model’s head.

Maybe I am crazy, but these wigs designed to represent an afro, a short crop and a layered hairstyles look AMAZING and STYLISH!! I am in awe of the creativity. Why did I never think of this? haha!!

I doubt they are comfortable, but style doesn’t always equal comfort, right? 😉

Let me know your thoughts… If nothing else – these models have some unique shots for their books.


P.S. I am still obsessed with these shots!!


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Niki Minaj: Wig Alert!!!

So, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Niki Minaj at the moment. I can’t really stand her music and barely know some of them because when they come on, I mute the volume of the TV… BUT I love her wig style! Those wigs are like yummy Chocolate Sundays on a hot summer’s afternoon, they are so fun, awesome and colourful! But sometimes she gets it so wrong…

Here are my Niki Minaj WIG DO’S:

A pretty black bob does her beautiful face so much justice, I love it!


Possibly her trademark “do” and she rocks it!

Barbie blonde actually looks so cool with the outfit she’s wearing here…

Strangely enough, this turquoise wig makes her look even prettier… is that even possible?

And here are my Niki Minaj WIG DONT’S:

Marge Simpson with a dye job? Nope, Niki Minaj with a bad wig day… Don’t love it one bit!

Wilma Flintstone? Oros? Nope, it’s Catwoman Niki with a really bad wig…

I have no words…sigh…

The number one rule for girls with big boobs and hips is that you should never  cut your hair short, or in this case wear a wig that’s too short. It makes you look out of proportion.

I think I’ll be searching my cupboard for my pink wig soon, seeing as Halloween is creeping nearer! Thanks for the inspiration Miss Minaj!


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