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Nine West is Preparing Women For Crucial Times In Their Lives

Nine West has a sense of humour. I approve. They are showing it on their new campaign which highlights womanly occasions that whether we like to admit it or not are generally parts of our lives… and with any good advertising campaign they have come under fire, this time is from various vocal feminist organisations. I think that sometimes feminist groups need to sometimes get a small sense of humour and take a chill pill. Nine West - Starter Husband Hunting Kit

The Starter Husband Hunting is actually my favourite but has received the most critique because people perceive this to be saying “Starter Husband“, in other words your first marriage before a divorce when one of you moves onto someone else. I understand that the sacrament of marriage is sacred, I get it, you should not marry someone at all if you have any doubt that you will not love them when they are old and wrinkly but, can you please listen to yourself for one minute? It’s a poke from a company that wants you to laugh about it because whether you like it or not, these things unfortunately do happen in life. A mere advert is not going to promote any woman more so than they are already inclined to do to find a husband, starter or not. Calm yourselves please….

Nine West - First Day of Kindergarten Kit

The other category is  First Day of Kindergarten, the most offensive thing about this to me is the word ‘”kindergarten“, its preschool people. This is hilarious to me because I know of many mothers, my own included, that this applies to. She was always happy when school was back from holidays because she could finally breathe. I get it, even though I don’t have kids, I really understand. There is no need to make assumptions that Nine West is assuming that because you wear Nine West shoes you are a trophy wife who sits at home all week while your kid is in school with your feet on the couch drinking French champagne.

I really do love this campaign, I don’t think Nine West needs to take this further at all. They have received a request to do  Job Interview to show that a woman’s place is more crucial than just finding a husband and sending her kids off to school. If I, as a woman can laugh and relate to the advert, then I believe no on should find it offensive.  On top of it, I love Nine West. Feminists can calm down. I am all for a good giggle, when this is simply aimed at poking at what we as consumers do and think.

Well played Nine West. Even though its not Woman’s Day in the US, I think that this campaign is very apt for Woman’s Month in South Africa.

You can view the campaign on Nine West’s website here.

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69Slam – PLAY LOUD!

Hello Poutlings…


I know i know, at first the name puts you a bit off considering it’s sexual innuendo,

At first I was also a bit shocked and skeptical when a friend told me to check out the page and seeing it being called “69Slam” and being referred by a male friend made it a little more weird, I was like “WTF, how about NO

Curiosity however did as usual get the best of me and before I could find myself, I was head-over-heels IN-LOVE!

To my surprised it was everything but what I expected, yes yes the sexual innuendo was there loud and proud but way more fun! haha

What is 69 Slam?

“69slam is a unique gem with simple rules: be fun, creative, unique.

In just a few years 69slam has grown into a modern brand of alternative funky underwear, swimwear, clothing and related products for men, woman and children

Since 2004, the brand has been on a mission to spread a revolution in over 40 countries with a motto: “PLAY LOUD!”

with this motto: 69Slam not only provides clothing but a lifestyle:

for those who are not afraid to diverge from the norm.

for those who thrive on doing things on the wild side.

For those who simply love surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and all other extreme sports”

Still not convinced on how awesome this brand is?

Check it out:


















These are just a few previews of what this brand has to offer 😀

I am a Fan and cannot get enough of it, not only does the brand Rock but the people involved too!

So be sure to check out 69SLAM and don’t miss out on their “Heart-day” Special! xx





Website: http://www.69slam.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/69SLAM.SOUTHAFRICA

Twitter: @LadySlam69


Johannesburg – Nicolway Shopping Centre, Bryanston, (William Nicol Drive)
Tel – 011 706-6820

Cape Town – Canal Walk Shop (1st Floor, nextdoor to Diesel)
Tel – 021 551-1499

Have a “SLAMMING” Friday and Fantastic weekend!






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For the Ladies: Skills to Master in a Lifetime

Hi Pouters!

The internet is littered with posts about a lady’s must-haves such as a LITTLE BLACK DRESS THE PERFECT “BOYFRIEND JEANS”, and not to mention MATCHING SILVERWARE!! and while all that is lovely, we know we are not what we own. Right? Right.

So in honour of us being in the new year 2012. Let’s devote some internet space to the important skillz that you (and I) should master.

1. Learn how to make yourself up, and down. There is a makeup, hairstyle and clothing for every day, whether that be no makeup and no hairstyling – there will be a time and place ladies, we must must learn!

2. Learn how to change a plug! Yes, I need to learn this and its on my before-I-die-to-do-list!

3. Satisfy yourself. And your partner. A-hem. Cough. Wink and nudge.

4. Tell a joke to your boss/nephew/BFF/lover…. even the most serious of pouters have an inner giggle deep down inside they are waiting to tell someone, to make them smile and possibly even laugh!

5. Say “no”/change the subject/turn someone down with class. My favorite way to deal with awkward/unwelcome questions is to say, “Oh, you! Now tell me about your [insert new topic here].”

6. Master a signature dish. Mine has to be a Thai Green Curry. I may possibly one day share a receipe with you, but currently its MY  secret.

7. Invest your money. Not only in shoes and makeup, in a way that you will get a large return to buy more shoes and makeup.

8. Travel on a plane with only a carry-on luggage. Yes. For realz. I know you can do it!

9. Do one choreographed dance. The Electric Slide. The Roger Rabbit. The Tango. I’m working on Thriller.

10. Look good in at least one photograph. If you’re getting this wrong, call me for a photo shoot! We will get lots of you looking good!

11. Set up a computer. Yes, REALLY, on your own!

12. Know which direction you’re facing. And if you figure this out, will you teach me?  One of my biggest and hardest challenges was doing an underwater compass swim on one of my many dive courses. To this day, I’m still not 100% sure how I passed that and I still do not know how to use the compass, and goodness if I am driving please do not tell me to travel West or East! My only settings are right and left and even those are sometimes tedious!

13. Make conversation with anybody. Being able to talk to people will get you just about everywhere. When in doubt, ask them questions about themselves, then nod. Seriously, this skill alone can get you through three hours of conversation.

14. Take a compliment. Even if you don’t believe the compliment or you get all full of blushes and stammers, you can just say “Thanks!” or  “Ohhh, you flatterer!”

15. Negotiate. For a raise, for a car, for a house. . Yes, many of us turn inside out at the prospect of asking for a lower price or higher salary, but let’s suck it up and do it anyway. We deserve the best, right?

What skills do you think every woman should master?



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