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Model Citizen

Jeremy-MeeksA few weeks back a lot of the women on the internet were going all googly-eyed over Jeremy Meeks for apparently being the hottest fellon in the world after his mugshot was posted on the police station’s Facebook page following his arrest and it went viral. He was even known as “Hot Mugshot Guy” and trended on Twitter. In the past few days he has reportedly been offered a $30,000 (US Dollars not Zim Dollars) modelling contract. This does seem to be a matter of debate with no actual clarification from whom the modelling contract was offered, but even so its got chins wagging and I cant stop shaking my head. A lot of ladies are eagerly hoping this is in fact true in the hopes of doing what? Looking at headshots of Jeremy without a prison jumpsuit? Le sigh.

Well, that is suprising. Or is it? The internet seems to have a habit of making people famous that do not deserve the fame. Can we kindly cast a blind eye to someone that has committed a crime and get on with our lives? – rather than saying “Hey Mr. Meeks, you’re a naughty boy for commiting *insert whatever crime he was arrested for here* but because the general population of women on the intenet think you’re attractive we would like to use you to sell some products!”. Pfft.  The answer seems to be no.Jeremy Meeks Gucci Inspiration

Jeremy Meeks DG InspirationWill this silliness ever stop?

x flea143

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RIP SOCIETY : An Auction to Deflower a Sex Doll


I think this is utterly pathetic state of affairs, but I feel it is important that people are willing to even engage in an auction of this nature when there are starving people in the world, but ANYWAY.

*rolls eyes*

” ‘Valentina’ is billed as the world’s finest love doll and the first Real Doll to appear in Brazil. Her realism is reportedly quite cutting-edge.”

*deep breath*real-doll-valetina-028

“The lucky bidder will get to deflower Valentina in style — the prize includes a night with her in the Presidential Suite at the Swing Motel in Sao Paulo, a candlelight dinner with French champagne, and an aromatic bath with rose petals.”

In conjuction with Valentina’s debut at Sao’s Paulo’s International Exhibition of Inflatable Dolls, online sex shop Seonico is take a cue from the recent trend of young women auctioning off their virginity.

Stimulating conversation and intact hymen not included.

Bidding began at $5,000 and has already climbed up to $105,100.00 as of this morning. If you are interested in staying tuned click here to see if the current highest bidder, Raul Espindola will be one who wins Valentina’s virginity. The auction closes 31 March.

ONLY… IT’S A DAMN DOLL, people, I can’t….

WTF is wrong with the world? :/

I rest my case!


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US Vogue : Bad Taste of Heartfelt Artistic Homage?

Hiya Poutlings

For its February issue, US Vogue employed Annie Leibovitz to shoot an editorial drawing attention to the relief efforts of the first response emergency services during and in the aftermath of the superstorm Sandy in November 2012.


There is an understandable air of “WTF” around these images that seem tot want to do good, but are clearly rewarding Anna Wintour’s high-fashion advertisers. In promoting goodwill and bravery and dedication of these men and women who have worked tirelessly to get New York back on its feet, is Vogue just lining the pockets of Oscar De La Renta et al?


Though Vogue supported “Fashion for Sandy Relief Auction” and is said to have raised $1.7 million (roughly R13,600,000) and global awareness for the cause, this spread can’t help but leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Couldn’t we have just seen pictures of the actual stars – and omitted Karlie Kloss and co. from the proceedings? A non-fashion shoot would have made a bigger statement and celebrated the efforts appropriately – Vogue donating pages to the cause.


I have a strong stance that fashion editorials pegged on natural disasters or any disaster fro that matter are in bad taste and whilst I applaud the the $1.7 million that Vogue’s auction has raised, I believe the Annie Liebowitz images would have been stronger without the fluffy watering down element that sticking models into the pictures brings.


However, does the spread with the $1.7million raised from the charity auction justify it? It may, just. Oscar de La Renta was a participant in the auction and while so many people have lost everything, is the awareness better than nothing?


Bad taste or a heartfelt artistic homage?





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NSFW : “Leaked” Nekkid Pictures…

Heya Pouters

Disclaimer: NSFW stands for NOT SAFE FOR WORK. You have been warned.

I have tried to make these pictures as user-friendly to all viewers as possible, however there may be some that are still offended by them. I take no responsibility for this, if you don’t want to read about it, DON’T.  

You know whenever feeling like a massive whore and you take tons of nekkid pictures of yourself and send them to tons of guys you only really sorta know? After which those said guys happen to have these pictures leaked on the internet… Yeah, you know what I’m talking about, right?

Well, that has happened to Snooki and Hayley Williams (kinda, she just sent it to the world) and Cassie Ventura and Rihanna and Jessica Alba and Miley Cyrus and Leighton Meester and Vanessa Hudgens and Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively and Ashleigh Greene, and millions of other celebrities and millions of other ordinary woman.

So, back to Snooki, are you suprised? I’m not. I’ve only seen a whole TWO episodes of Jersey Shore and well I’m simply suprised it hasn’t happened sooner!!

Her rep confirmed to US Weekly that the images obtained by sites like Egotastic and The Daily Mail in which Snooki is wearing some sort of bath gown left open to show off her body are indeed of the pre pregnancy Nicole Polizzi.

“Clearly these are old and personal photos that were not meant for the public, it’s a shame someone decided to leak them for obvious personal gain.”

So now, all of Snooki’s family and friends and her unborn kid and her kid’s friends will be able to see these forever, so I guess this is a proud moment for her. I didn’t add the rest because to reiterate, it’s Snooki nekkid. Use Google if you are THAT interested. I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

In news of other “leaked” pictures here is my list of WTF. That “W” is not what, simply  WHY THE FECK?

Drumroll please…


Hayley Williams is the lead singer of the band Paramore. I like their music, and I must point this out that I really do like her style apart from this instance. She “accidently” posted the above picture on Twitter. My one question… How do you accidently post a picture of you with your tits hanging out? I don’t get it. What a tit… no pun intended. Ha ha.


Cassie Ventura is a singer, and an actress. She is signed to P Diddy’s “Bad Boy” record label and starred in Step Up 2: The Streets… Although to me, looks like her ultimate career move would be to become a pornstar.


I know that Rihanna is a troubled young woman with too much fame to fathom however her leaked pictures from Chris Brown’s collection after they broke up just cannot be blocked out to be safe for Pout Perfection, so I leave you with a picture of here smiling innocently. They are bad. That’s all.


Jessica Alba was the most sought after woman for years in Hollywood she was also known for years because she refused to expose any nekkid bits, which I have always commended her for… There is a big pressure for one to show more and more skin nowadays in the industry. She unfortunately let some pink bits slip out and then that picture got leaked… Poor Jessica Alba, we still ♥ you at Pout Perfection.


Leighton Meester is one of the lead actresses from the series Gossip Girl. She also got nailed by some dude and had a sex tape, which she managed to somehow not let it be released. However, image stills from the said sex tape are wadering around on the internet. Sounds like something from the plot of Gossip Girl. xoxo.


Miley Cyrus may be one of the most forgotton celebrities with leaked photos scandals, so, I had to include her on this list, I’ve included her on this list. There has been more than one instance of leaked photos from little Miley, and many speculations that is it infact her in the pictures. These have been proved to be her. Silly old Miley, its not like you’re famous or anything… and no, we cannot say that your alter ego Hannah Montanna made you do it!


Vanessa HudgensHigh School Musical star, eish wena. She’s had 2 sets of leaked nekkid pictures on the internet and luckily for her she had a group of massive lawyers to remove the pictures as quickly as possible, unfortunately, once the pictures are on the internet, they are there forever and ever.  I must point out, whatever skirt/scarf thing she is wearing around her waist is pretty, but I’m not a big fan of BOOBIES in your face, so maybe next time she should try cover up some more…


WHOOPS! Scarlett you shouldn’t be showing your face if you don’t want to be recognised…. publicity stunt maybe? Which she later came out saying it was private, blah blah blah, we’ve heard it a million times, we will be sure to hear it again again from many other people.


Blake Lively is well known also from Gossip Girl but has been in multiple movies throughout the years, including the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. This picture must of been part of that movie because her pants are missing, oh wait, so is the top half of her clothing. I’m amazed in one shot she managed to get full frontal nudity going on as well as a full shot of her nekkid behind. That must of took some skill.


Ashleigh Greene is most well known for her acting in the Twilight series, also more recently she has been in headlines for dating Joe Jonas and making his ex-girlfriend Disney Star, Demi Lovato go somewhat insane before comitting herself to a mental hospital. Her leaked images are OUT there, and this is the most least-risque one I could find so not scar any of you.

Look, you should know by now if you are a celebrity DON’T DO THIS. If you are an ordinary woman OR man… again, I reiterate, DON’T DO THIS. Unless of course you dig the attention, then by all means do so but really, no one elses dignity is on the line apart from yours. Think about it, if you have children running around one day, don’t let their friends find nekkid pictures of their mother or father. It’s not cool. Your kid will be mocked and ridiculed, and you will too (maybe not to your face), if the person you send them to sends them out or whatever nonsense excuse they give you, their computer may get hacked, their cell phone may get stolen… if they want to see it and you are willing to show it: INVITE THEM OVER  AND SHOW THEM.

NO CAMERAS ALLOWED, and in that regard most certainly NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY.

That’s all for now folks


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Naked Services, Anyone?

Hi Pouters!

The internet is a wonderful invention, you can find almost anything you want on it, probably everything you could ever want. Mail order brides, porn, makeup shopping, illegal pets, small slaves, books, dates, creepy weirdos, service providers, something to do when you’re bored, you can order food to be delivered to your house, speak to your friends, Twitter yourself stupid… need I go on?

Well, let me jump back to my mention of service providers… I’ve certainly looked them up online. Have you? People to fix your appliances, possibly a maid service, or a nerd on call to fix your pc, DJ’s for a party you may be throwing, or a plumber to fix a burst geyser or if you’re feeling rather extravagant – a chef, a cleaning service, or a massage therapist?

Well, you can have all of those things done in the nude, if you do so wish. A South African company called “Natural Company” offers a wide variety of services ranging from naked topless male waiters, to sushi models, to strippers, to full body massage – all from from someone in the nude, or even having your house cleaned by someone who is wearing what ever tickles your fancy, if you have a uniform fetish – get a police man/woman, french maid, the possibilies are endless, to clean your house.

My initial reaction… WTF?

My second reaction… ARE YOU #$%^&* KIDDING ME?

My third reaction… Is there really a target market for this?

My fourth reaction… Stop being so reactive and write a blog about it.

Well, if I don’t think too hard I can somewhat see how some people might find having someone doing work for you in your house nekkid is appealing, but if I think about it properly, unless you can bang the brains out of said nekkid person, what is actually the point of it all? Then again,m I have the same opinion on porn or any psycho-celebrity worship.  If there is any clarity on this from the readers, with a different point of view – please comment and let me know!

The website of said, Natural Company, says that the staff are ONLY for entertainment purposes and not sexual services, as stated in their terms and conditions…

Terms & Conditions (even naked services have them….)

•Our Staff are for entertainment purposes and not sexual services.  
•Inappropriate sexual contact will not be tolerated and any client and staff sexual interaction is not permitted.
•Staff will not unblock toilets or drains or perform any  cleaning work that will leave them looking or feeling dirty.
•Soliciting prostitution is not allowed
Domestic Clients must be sober

I must just point out here… I’d be pissed off if I paid someone to come and be my plumber (fully dressed of course) and in his plumber T&C’s he couldn’t unblock my drain, is that not what they do. That brings me to a maid/cleaning service, I’d expect them to clean my house, again let me mention, fully clothed, if it was dirty and if that made them look or feel dirty, I DON’T GIVE A CRAP! (or maybe I do give a crap, one too many and that is why my drain is blocked and need outside services to come in and fix to require a plumber in the first place!!!!) I understand that soliciting prostitution may be a bit of problem, and I agree that should really be a T&C as they have clearly stated the staff are only for ENTERTAINMENT and not SEXUAL SERVICES, however the last T&C is a bit problematic, if I ever wanted a nude cleaning staff/computer tech/whatever I’D HAVE TO BE DRUNK and on a numerous amount of illegal substances. So needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be using their services anytime in the future.

Let me just point out, not all the staff members on this business/sites book do the nudity thing, some of them only do topless services (I’ll go into this more a bit later on) when I show some of the staff pictures. With the world being full of perverts, I can really understand why this is a good business pitch (ha ha, no pun intended), and in theory I think it could make a brilliant business proposal however, I just don’t think it sounds too good for the staff, going in to strangers homes to work, in the buff. Do you think the staff of this company come along with “protection” in case if the person’s house you’re cleaning wants to take advantage of you being all nekkid and bent over washing the floor or wants to play a game of SAW with you? That thought just creeps me out a little…

I’ll save you from going to their website, but here are a few (they’re are a lot more if you are as perplexed as I was) of the people that they have listed on the site, and what services these people offer.

"Tenielle Cape Town 100% Nude 100% Goes" - I'm sure, that I'm not the only person who gets the wrong impression from that little slogan as you hover over this picture on the site.

"Marco jnb law student naked services" - REALLY? I know university fees are a little bit expensive but can this so called 'law student' not make his money elsewhere? surely, this won't look good on his CV when applying for positions at law firms.

"Pearl Ct nude masseur & services" one has to wonder, even though the lists on their website are endless...what other services??

"Shaun JHB Nude Hany Man & Cleaning Services" - I really have nothing to say about this apart from... most naked men are generally quite handy, if you get my drift.

"Seth JHB/PTA Anything naked , I love it" - like most desperate 21 year olds...

"Lance JHB Naked Service Specialist Swedish Massage(unlocked pic for members only)" i am so very glad i am not a member. with pictures like that you have to wonder if the T&C's are only in place to protect them legally from soliciting prostitution.

Their website says they are looking to hire, so if you’re not at all put off by me rambling on like an old woman, then go and have a look..

Yours in clothes;



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